Decked Truck Tool Box with Ladder Review

Decked Truck Tool Box with Ladder

A truck box is a truck box, right? There’s actually been quite a bit of innovation over the years. You may have seen boxes that have additional security built-in or tie into the truck’s wiring system to power integrated lighting. Today, we’re going over a model that rethinks what a truck box could be and what it should be made of: the Decked Truck Tool Box.


  • Easy installation
  • Metal-reinforced construction won’t sag over time
  • Easy-opening lid
  • Optional ladder makes access to gear much easier than other boxes
  • Lots of optional accessories
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not compatible with Decked’s drawer system on full-size trucks with short or standard-size beds

Want a closer look? Check out our video review!


Decked Truck Tool Box Review

As truck tool boxes go, installation is a piece of cake. Lay out the protective rubber pads and then set the box on top of them. Four brackets have a V-shape on the bottom to grab underneath the rail sides and threading on the upper side.


We installed the box on my Ram 1500 and had plenty of room to reach underneath the box to hold each bracket in place as we ran the bolt through a washer and into the bracket from inside the box. You don’t need to drill any holes and it took Tom Gaige and me about 15 minutes total to have it set up. Installation is possible by yourself, but do yourself and your truck a favor and grab someone else to give you a hand.

Decked Truck Tool Box Construction

Decked Logo

When I first heard about the box, I was concerned about its high-impact resin construction. On one hand, resin is a great material because you can do so much more with the design than you can when you’re working with steel or aluminum.

However, resin boxes tend to sag over time and the negatives outweigh the positives. The Decked team took a different approach, though, and gave it structural reinforcement using galvanized steel and aluminum.

Decked Truck Tool Box Review

As far as the environment goes, the box is waterproof thanks to lip overlap and an EPDM gasket. The way the lid and tub come together, it’s also extremely difficult to break into, even if you’re going at it with a pry bar. Just engage the lock on the driver’s side and set your fears aside.

Decked is confident enough in its construction that it rates the truck tool box for a 500-pound capacity and warranties it for life.

Don’t miss this fact—this box and all Decked storage systems are Made in the USA products.

Decked Truck Tool Box Key Features


  • Weight: 103 pounds without ladder, 114 pounds with ladder
  • Storage Area: 9.82 sq ft, 73.4 gallons
  • Capacity: 500 pounds
  • External Dimensions (Lenght/Depth/Height): 76.1 x 22.3 x 20.6 inches
  • Height Above Bedrail: 5.8 inches

The base truck box includes a snack tray and a sliding tool tray. For those of you that take things literally, it’s not an actual snack box. If you’re going to leave your sandwich in it, make sure you wrap it up tight.

Decked snack tray and organizer box


Decked Truck Tool Box Review

While many truck boxes use gas struts to support the weight of the lid and assist opening, Decked doesn’t. Instead, torsion springs make it happen. Whether you’re hitting the release button from the driver’s or passenger’s side, the springs make the opening action easier than most struts. There’s no need to reach toward the middle of the box or even bring a second hand into the operation. Just press the release and lift up on the side handle.


Decked Truck Tool Box Review

What sets Decked apart from every other truck box we’ve used is the integrated ladder option. It’s a telescoping design that unfolds from the box, extends away from the side of your truck to avoid scratching it, and reaches down to the ground.

The two base rung sections lock into place, ensuring you have secure footing. Your total telescoping range covers up to 5 feet of height. I have 20-inch wheels on my Ram, and there are still six inches or so of telescoping room left to play with.

When you’re finished, collapse the rung sections first. You need two hands to do that and I rest the bottom against my thigh so I can press both release buttons at the same time. Repeat the process for the second rung, then collapse the main section and fold the ladder back into the box. It’s really very easy.

Ladder Folded In

So is the ladder worth adding? Absolutely! With the wheels on my truck, reaching into the box from the side is tough, even though I’m over 6 feet tall. I could climb in the bed, but that’s a big step up and my knees aren’t what they used to be. Having the ladder makes access a heck of a lot easier and totally worth it in my opinion.

Can I Use The Decked Truck Tool Box With The Drawer System?

To use the full-size truck box with Decked’s drawer system, you have to have an 8-foot bed. There’s not enough clearance for it on trucks with short or standard beds.

Decked Truck Tool Box Price

The base full-size truck tool box that we’re reviewing is $899. With the ladder, it’s $999. As we mentioned before, Decked backs it with a lifetime warranty.

There are a number of additional accessories you can purchase as well.

  • Snack Tray: $20
  • D-Box Hanger Kit: $20
  • Tool Box Tie Downs (installs to the front base of the box): $25
  • Super Snack Tray: $30
  • Tool Box Tray: $30
  • Core Clamps (attaches gear to the front of the box—requires Core Trax): $55
  • D-Box: $60
  • Core Trax (attached to the front of the box and includes eye loops): $80

Decked also has quite a few other accessories you can set inside the truck box or drawer storage system you can add. Check out the full range by clicking here.

You order online if you like or visit one of Decked’s dealers. There are a lot of them around, and we found half a dozen within a 30-minute drive of our shop.

The Bottom Line

At first, I thought Decked’s design was interesting but was skeptical of the resin construction. Now that I’ve installed it in my own truck, it’s clear the execution of the concept is excellent and that it should have no problem holding up for as long as I own my Ram 1500—and likely much longer. Most importantly, the Decked Truck Tool Box does the job of storing and securing my gear well and gives me access to it far easier than any other designs I might have installed otherwise.

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