DeWalt 20V Max XR Mid-Torque Impact Wrench Review DCF891/DCF892

DeWalt 20V Max XR Mid-Torque Impact Wrench Targets Top Tier Performance with Precision

When it comes to the mid-torque class, DeWalt has trailed behind its rivals as they push performance higher. But with the latest DeWalt 20V Max XR Mid-Torque Impact Wrench DCF891 and DCF892, that’s changing, and it might be enough to launch DeWalt back into the conversation as one of the best cordless impact wrenches.


  • Significantly improved performance
  • Upgraded with 4 modes, including Precision Mode
  • Option oil-resistant battery kit
  • Made in the USA with global materials


  • Not as compact as some mid-torque options

DeWalt 20V Max XR Mid-Torque Impact Wrench Performance

DeWalt 20V Max XR Mid-Torque Impact Wrench Review DCF891

Let’s start with some stats. DeWalt’s previous mid-torque impact wrench was the DCF894. Its performance was respectable with 330 ft-lbs of torque for fastening and 600 ft-lbs for loosening.

The DCF891 (or DCF892 —same model with a pin detent) now boasts 600 ft-lbs of fastening and 800 ft-lbs of breakaway torque. That’s 82% more fastening torque and 33% more for loosening! I can’t remember another model that made that big of a jump from one generation to the next.

How about some context to go with that? Considering DeWalt’s top professional competitors, here’s where they stand:

Max TighteningMax BreakawayMax SpeedMax Impact Rate
DeWalt DCF894330 ft-lbs600 ft-lbs2000 RPM3100 IPM
DeWalt DCF891600 ft-lbs800 ft-lbs2000 RPM3100 IPM
Flex FX1451-1F600 ft.lbs750 ft-lbs2700 RPM3100 IPM
Makita GWT07550 ft-lbs810 ft-lbs2300 RPM2900 IPM
Milwaukee 2962550 ft-lbs650 ft-lbs2575 RPM3100 IPM

While DeWalt left the top speed the same, it’s clear that the DCF891 is much more competitive in power.

That improvement showed in our performance testing as well. In ou bolt break test, It was a two-horse race between DeWalt and Flex, with Makita slightly behind them. DeWalt’s average time to break 500 ft-lbs was just 0.73 seconds, edging out Flex at 0.76 seconds for top speed.

When it came to driving large lag screws into stacked and glued OSB, DeWalt was the only mid-torque model we tested that was able to set it flush with a standard battery.

With those results in hand, there’s no question that DeWalt has a legit contender in the DCF891.

DeWalt 20V Max XR Mid-Torque Impact Wrench Design Notes



When it comes to control, DeWalt replaced the 3-position mechanical switch at the base of the tool with a 4-mode pushbutton system. That 4th mode is a Precision Wrench setting. When fastening in this mode, the tool runs at 2000 RPM until it begins impacting. It then pauses for 1/2 second before continuing. This reduces the chance of overtightening your nut or bolt and damaging material.

When loosening nuts in this mode, the tool impacts at a normal speed until the fastener breaks free. Then, the tool stops impacting and reduces speed. This keeps you from unnecessarily losing nuts and other hardware.

The modes work with the following speeds:

LowLow impacting0-600 forward
0-2000 reverse
MediumMedium impacting0-1200 forward
0-2000 reverse
HighHigh impacting0-2000 forward
0-2000 reverse
Precision WrenchPrecision wrenching0-2000 forward
0-2000 reverse

Size and Weight

DCF891 Profile

Where some of DeWalt’s competition has an advantage is in size, but the weight is competitive. It’s 7.0 inches across the head, 3.8 pounds as a bare tool, and has a working weight of 5.3 pounds when you add a 5.0AH battery.

That’s certainlly not obnoxious, especially with the performance you’re getting. However, when you compare to Milwaukee’s 2962 that’s 6.0 inches across the head, there’s still some room to improve if the product team wants to target a more compact design down the road.

Additional Features

  • 3-mode LED light to illuminate dark work spaces
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Brushless motor

DeWalt 20V Max XR Mid-Torque Impact Wrench Price

The DCF891 bare tool is $249, and the kit retails for $429 or $479 depending on the battery configuration. The lower price nets you the tool with a pair of 5.0Ah batteries, and charger, and a kit bag. The higher price is similar, but you get two 5.0Ah oil-resistant batteries instead of standard ones.

The DCF892 is curretnly available as a bare tool only for $249.

DeWalt backs your purchase with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, a 1-year service agreement, and a 90-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The DeWalt 20V Max XR Mid-Torque Impact Wrench is a huge improvement over the previous model. It’s not just an upgrade on paper, either. Its improved results in our tests shows that it’s one od the to-performaning cordless mid-torque models available, and the addition of a precision mode for both fastening and looseing is welcome. The downside is that it’s not as compact and light as some of its competition. However, we don’t expect many DeWalt fans to complain considering how much better the performance is.


  • Model: DCF891 (hog ring), DCF892 (pin detent)
  • Speeds: 0 – 600/1200/2000 RPM
  • Impact Rate: 0 – 3100 IPM
  • Max Fastening Torque: 600 ft-lbs
  • Max Breakaway Torque: 800 ft-lbs
  • Length: 7.0 inches
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs bare, 5.3 lbs with a 5.0Ah battery

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