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DeWalt Elite Series Saw Blades, Drill Bits, and Accessories

DeWalt Elite Series Accessories

DeWalt announced the arrival of their Elite Series of tool accessories. Designed for strength and durability, the lineup will include the likes of includes saw blades, hole saws, diamond masonry cutting blades, abrasives, and masonry drilling accessories. Select items in this lineup are also made in the USA with global materials. Look for these accessories now and in the coming months at your favorite DeWalt retailer!

DeWalt Elite Series Circular Saw Blades

Available in either 6 1/2-inch or 7 1/4-inch diameters, the Elite Series circular saw blades have a multi-tooth design to ensure smooth cutting and durability. Additionally, welded carbide tips keep the blades stable and enable long-term use. The blades’ heat vents help avoid overheating, which keeps them cool even after you use them all day.

DeWalt Elite Series Abrasives

The DeWalt Elite Series cutting wheels use sharp, crystalline grain to cut through various metal materials like rebar, heavy wall pipe, and sheet metal. DeWalt claims that you can expect to use fewer wheels in extreme applications. These cutting wheels come with either a flat disc type or a depressed center disc type. DeWalt has another item in the abrasives category too— grinding wheels, which will be released in fall 2022. All cutting wheel sizes and styles are available now.

DeWalt Elite Series Flap Discs

The Elite Series flap discs incorporate a ceramic grain that provides aggressive grinding action for fast material removal in tough applications. DeWalt designed the disc to provide the fast removal rate of a grinding wheel with the high-end finish of a fiber resin disc. This line of flap discs will be available in August 2022.

DeWalt Elite Series Carbide Tipped Reciprocating Saw Blades

Two carbide-tipped reciprocating saw blades exist in the DeWalt Elite Series: a metal cutting model and a demolition model. These blades are made in the USA with global materials. They feature carbides along the cutting edge which help withstand nail strikes while ripping through wood or metal. Both blades feature a tall, thick profile designed for durability. The demolition blades also feature a surface enhancement that strengthens the blade to resist fatigue and teeth stripping. 

DeWalt Elite Series Carbide Tipped Hole Saws

The DeWalt Elite Series carbide-tipped hole saws cut through tough and abrasive material, like nail embedded wood. In addition, the metal cutting hole saw cuts through a variety of tough materials such as thick metal and stainless steel. You can expect the multi-material version to cut through things like concrete blocks and cement. These hole saws are another entry in this lineup that’s assembled in the USA using global materials.

DeWalt Elite Series SDS Max and Plus 4C Masonry Drill Bits

DeWalt is so confident in the toughness of these drill bits that they have included a no-break guarantee. If these bits do break, DeWalt will replace them free of charge. For added durability, these bits use Iron Blast technology, which aids in impact readiness. Welding technology secures the carbide, contributing to extended life. Both bits feature unique tip designs that aid in concrete drilling. These tool accessories will be available later this month (May 2022).

DeWalt Elite Diamond Blades

Finally, the last entry on the list of new DeWalt Elite accessories is diamond blades. The blades’ cores incorporate high-alloy steel and aerodynamic vents to keep cool. Laser-welded segments feature twice the diamond concentration compared to the older generation DeWalt HP blade. The blade design, described as “swordfish-shaped,” helps reduce friction and aids with smooth cuts. 

Some of these DeWalt Elite Series accessories are available now, and you can look for the rest of them in the coming months. Find out more at your favorite DeWalt retailer, or use the buttons below to browse more DeWalt products.

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