May 7, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

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Milwaukee Lineman’s Fiberglass Drill Bits

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits Deliver Quick, Efficient Fiberglass and Composite Pole Drilling Milwaukee Tool just released info on some new Shockwave Lineman’s Fiberglass Drill Bits, engineered to deliver clean, straight holes through both composite and fiberglass utility poles and cross-arms. The 7/16” hex shank fits perfectly with the M18 Fuel Hex Utility High Torque Impact Wrench. […]

Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue Bits

Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue Drill Bits

Spyder Mach-Blue Drill Bits Outlast Titanium Bits in Metal Drilling by Up to 100 Times Exclusive to Lowe’s, the Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue high-speed steel bits for wood and metal drilling showcase the pinnacle of Spyder performance. These bits act as the billboard for Spyder’s Mach-Blue “armor plating”, a material that not only lends the bits […]

Best Drill Bits Buying Guide

What is Black Oxide Coating? Ask the Pros

Black oxide coatings appear on a variety of products—most commonly on drill bits, folding knives, and other cutting accessories. Just what is black oxide coating? In a nutshell, it coats materials in a chemical conversion as opposed to an electroplating process. According to Electrochemical Products, Inc., you can apply this type of overlay to steel, stainless, aluminum, […]

Top 5 Cordless Drill Accessories

Top 5 Cordless Drill Accessories Every Pro Must Own

So you’re about to show up on the jobsite for your very first day of work. Maybe you’re young and the construction industry is completely new to you or maybe you’re coming in from a different trade. Suddenly it hits you—I don’t want to look like a total newbie on my first day! So what […]

Milwaukee Carbide Multi-material Drill Bits

Milwaukee Carbide Multi-Material Drill Bits

Shockwave Carbide Bits Handle A Variety of Materials Milwaukee designed the Carbide Multi-Material Drill Bits with the versatility to handle any material the job throws at you. Bricks, block, concrete, steel, aluminum, ceramic tile, backerboard, wood, PVC, and drywall all crumble to the mighty power of these Milwaukee Shockwave bits. We’ve already covered the best […]

Milwaukee Glass and Tile Drill Bits

Milwaukee Glass and Tile Bits with Carbide

Milwaukee Glass and Tile Bits Walk Less and Drill Cleanly With an exact start tip, the Milwaukee Glass and Tile drill bits drill clean holes with a minimal amount of walking. Designed for use in glass and ceramic tile, these bits should work really well for many kitchen and bath applications. Turn Your Drill Into […]

Best Drill Bit Buying Guide

Best Drill Bits Reviews 2021 | Recommendations from Pros

We’ve used hundreds of the best drill bits to see which excelled in wood, steel, aluminum, and other materials. First of all, tons of drill bit options exist on the market—weeding through the choices can be tough. We broke down our picks by application, covering everything from materials to type of user. So whether you’re […]

Irwin Speedbor Spade Bit

Irwin Speedbor Spade Bit Review

It’s no surprise that Irwin is a respected name in tools and especially blades and bits. They get it, and they offer an impressive array of budget-friendly products that outperform the generic alternatives nearly every time. We took on some of their current line of spade bits to see how well they’d perform in our testing and practical use. Turns out this company knows what it’s doing after all.

Milwaukee Red Helix Cobalt Drill Bits

The Next Generation of Red Helix Cobalt Drill Bits Is Almost Here It’s been a few years since the last generation of Milwaukee Red Helix cobalt drill bits launched, and we’ve really liked the experience since then. The Variable Helix design helps to keep the bits cool during use, the 135° split point makes solid […]