Bosch Titanium Drill Bit Sets Review

Bosch Titanium Drill Bit Sets

Drill bits are a staple of the jobsite because, well, something always needs a hole in it. You may think you need more drill bit information like you need a hole in the head, but not every type of drill bit is well-suited for every job. I’ll use just about any bits, but I usually find myself buying titanium-coated bits because they are a good general-purpose bit as the coating reduces friction and heat. In particular, I tested several Bosch Titanium Drill Bit Sets to see how well they would perform for general-purpose use.

About Bosch Impact Tough Bits

Bosch seems to now take its “Impact Tough” designation for granted. It basically just means the bits include a hex shank. While Bosch also proposes you can use them in higher torque impact drills and drivers—the bits don’t differ much from traditional shank drill bits.

Bosch bits do, however, feature a tip designed not to skate around as you begin your hole. While not as pronounced as Milwaukee Red Helix drill bits or DeWalt Pilot Point drill bits, they do work well. and the flutes are designed to quickly remove wood and metal waste. I put the bits to the test over several weeks as we worked on a large home addition and some smaller projects. Unfortunately, Bosch currently only offers the hex shank in their 5-piece bit set.

Bosch Impact Ready Titanium Drill Bit Set
Laser-etched diameter markings

What Are Titanium Coated Drill Bits?

Titanium drill bits are HSS bits that have been coated with titanium nitride (TiN) using a process similar to electroplating. TiN is a ceramic material that increases the surface hardness of the bit and provides a thermal barrier by reducing friction. This results in increased production rates, corrosion resistance, and 3 to 6 times longer tool life. Titanium bits like the ones found in the Bosch Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit Set are suitable for drilling iron, steel, aluminum, magnesium, and wood.

Titanium bits are great for general-purpose drilling in a production environment because they drill quickly. The TiN coating also helps chips flow thru the flutes which is helpful because some materials – like aluminum – adhere to bits more than others. However, once the tip is dulled, it won’t regain its cutting edge without being recoated in titanium nitride. It usually makes more sense to replace rather than recoat them. So even though they are harder than cobalt, their edge is only skin-deep.

Bosch Impact Tough titanium drill bit set

Bosch Titanium Drill Bits

The Bosch Impact Tough Titanium Drill Bit Sets range in size from a 5-piece kit to a 29-pc index bit case. You can get sizes from 1/16-inch to 1/2-inch with everything in between. That should cover most any need around the jobsite.

The bits worked as advertised and did a fine job each time I needed them. I’ve only broken the 1/16″ bit so far (kinda like losing 10mm sockets…it’s gonna happen). When drilling metal, the spirals travel up the flutes quickly.

Bosch Impact Ready Titanium Drill Bit Set

The Bottom Line

Priced between $9 for the basic 5-piece set and $133 for the 29-pc index set, I can easily recommend any of the Bosch Titanium Drill Bit Sets (the TI21A 21-piece set is the best value). These bits drill quickly with excellent accuracy and durability. I only wish they made more sets that could work with your impact driver. You couldn’t ask for much more in a set of titanium bits.

Bosch Titanium Drill Bit Set Features

  • No skate tip – accurate starts
  • Designed for heavy-gauge and high-carbon steel
  • Long flutes for effective material removal
  • Hex shank (TI5IM only)
  • Titanium coating for less friction
  • Laser marking clearly identifies the diameter

Bosch Titanium Drill Bit Set Specifications

  • Models: Bosch TI5IM (5pc), TI14 (14pc), TI21A (21pc), TI29 (29pc)
  • Bit Sizes: 1/16″ through 1/2″ (depending on set)
  • Shank: Hex (TI5IM), Standard (TI14, TI21A and TI29)
  • Case: 14pc, 21pc and 29pc
  • Price: $8.99–$99.99

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