May 9, 2021

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Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue Drill Bits

Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue Bits

Spyder Mach-Blue Drill Bits Outlast Titanium Bits in Metal Drilling by Up to 100 Times

Exclusive to Lowe’s, the Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue high-speed steel bits for wood and metal drilling showcase the pinnacle of Spyder performance. These bits act as the billboard for Spyder’s Mach-Blue “armor plating”, a material that not only lends the bits a distinctive blue hue but helps with edge retention and heat build-up.

What is Spyder Saying About the Mach-Blue Stinger Drill Bits?

Mach-Blue bits are engineered to drill quickly and cleanly over and over. They cut cleaner and last significantly longer than other high-quality titanium plated or cobalt bits, even when drilling dense, thick metal. 

Matt Tyson, Senior Product Manager at Spyder


The Stinger HSS Mach-Blue Bits join the brand’s growing line of drilling accessories. Spyder constructed the bits from heat-treated M-Series tool steel—already known for its durability. From there, Spyder coats the bits in the Proprietary Mach-Blue plating, an ultra-hard surface plating that helps retain a sharp cutting edge while reducing heat. This results in a faster, cleaner cut in wood, mild steel, steel, aluminum, stacked materials, and other tougher alloys.

Spyder Mach-Blue Bits

They also claim these Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue HSS bits have been shown to drill up to 100 times more holes than titanium or black oxide bits. Spyder even claims that the Mach-Blue bits drill up to 8 times faster than titanium bits, but we’d want to see those claims tested in the real-world.

M2 HSS vs Cobalt vs Spyder M-Series Alloy

We received some helpful info from Spyder regarding how their new M-Series Alloy drill bits stack up against both Cobalt bits and M2 HSS (standard high speed steel) bits.

M2 HSSM35/M42 CobaltSpyder M-Series Alloy
ApplicationsWood, mild steelWood, mild steel, stainlessWood, mild steel, stainless
Recommended Drill MotorHand drill & drill pressDrill pressHand drill & drill press
Added AlloysN/A0-8% cobalt for heat resistanceTungsten for wear resistance
DurabilityNot shock resistant or flexibleBrittle in unstable hand drilling applicationsExtreme side-loading durability and cutting edge sharpness
Suggested RPMLow or HighLowLow or High
Lubricant NeededNoYesNo

Other Features

  • Self-centering split point design that resists walking or wandering on both pre-hardened and curved surfaces
  • Impact-rated 1/4″ hex shank works with impact drivers, chucked drills, and drill presses
  • Made in the USA


You can find the Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue Drill Bits exclusively at Lowe’s. either in-store or online. They come in a ten-piece kit that includes 1/16″, 5/64″, 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, 3/16″, 7/32″, 1/4″, 5/16″, and 3/8″ bits. The kit retails for $39.98—that’s more premium-level pricing for drill bits, even over titanium. Individual bits from 1/16″ to 1/2″ will be sold separately.

Spyder Stinger Mach-Blue Drill Bit Selection Guide

DiameterSpeed Hex SizePart #

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