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Kreg Quick-Flip Pilot Hole and Counterbore Bit KDRV-FLIP

Kreg Quick-Flip Pilot Hole and Counterbore Bit KDRV-FLIP

One Simple Tool for a Variety of Drilling Needs

How long does it take you to switch between a countersink and a screw when joining boards? Swapping bits means setting down tools—which can damage project wood. It’s also less organized and tedious when you have to chase down various bits. Kreg may have a solution for that with their Quick-Flip tool (model KDRV-FLIP). With two different ends, it may cut down on your need to go back and forth when drilling pilot holes for screws.

Kreg Quick-Flip KDRV-FLIP – The Big Deal

Drilling pilot holes prevent things like wood splitting—but it can be an annoying process. One of the main features of the Kreg Quick-Flip attachment is that it marries a countersink pilot hole bit with a #2 square (Robertson-style) drive.

Kreg KDRV-FLIP pilot hole counterbore
Pilot hole and counterbore piece with drill bit on one side and a 1-inch #2 square bit on the other

The Quick-Flip attachment is a two-piece system that lets you flip the system depending on the task at hand. The double-sided tool features a 1/4-inch hex shank that fits into the chuck of your drill. One side has a pilot hole drill bit and a 3/8-inch counterbore hole cutter. Flip the bit around, and you get a #2 square-drive bit designed to be used with compatible screws.

Pilot hole bit with the counterbore piece

A Versatile Design

With this design, the Kreg KDRV-FLIP Quick-Flip bit could make it easier to create things like pocket hole joints or to face-join wood corners on your project. You can swiftly change between sides of the Quick-Flip using the quick-release housing for the double-ended insert, which inserts right into your favorite cordless drill/driver.

Kreg KDRV-FLIP Quick-Flip Pilot Hole and Counterbore Bit

One neat feature is the integrated Allen wrench that protrudes from the 1/2-inch hex shank. Use it to swap out either bit when needed.

Additional Features

  • Fits into any drill
  • Ergonomic, easy-grip design
  • Impact-rated
  • Compatible with Kreg #2 square-drive screws

Price and Availability

The Kreg KDRV-FLIP Quick-Flip pilot hole and counterbore bit retails for $14.99 on the Kreg website and Acme Tools currently lists it for $12.99 at the time of writing.

Kreg Quick-Flip Specifications

  • Model: KDRV-FLIP
  • Weight: 0.12 lbs.
  • Bit type: Driver
  • Bit material: Bi-Metal
  • Package depth: 0.88 in.

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