DeWalt Jobsite WiFi System Puts Reliable Wifi on Major Construction Projects

DeWalt Jobsite WiFi

According to a report from McKinsey&Company cited by DeWalt, construction lags behind every other industry when it comes to productivity. They’re reporting that the construction industry loses 1.6 trillion dollars annually due to poor productivity. So how does the modern construction firm catch back up? Infusing digital technology is one direction to look. With the right digital tools, businesses can boost their productivity by 50-60%. While digital tools sound great, the lack of reliable internet beyond the trailer can slow things down to a grinding halt. That’s where the DeWalt Jobsite Wifi system comes into play.

10-Second Summary

  • IP67 rating
  • 10,000 square foot range
  • Self repairing and reconfiguring
  • Easy setup guide on the app eliminates the need to bring in third-party IT
  • $1499 each

How Does It Work?

DeWalt Jobsite WiFiThe DeWalt Jobsite WiFi system uses multiple access points to relay your WiFi signal, creating a mesh network and effectively extending your signal coverage across the entire worksite. Your main access point will connect to the landline, typically located in the trailer. From there, the signal transmits to all the other access points. DeWalt claims that every access point in the system will maintain a clear connection no matter the size or layout of the jobsite.

You can set up, manage, and monitor the system from the DeWalt app, using your phone, tablet, or desktop computer. DeWalt even claims that the set-up for each access point will take around 5 minutes, and best of all, won’t require dragging your IT team to the jobsite.

Finally, the DeWalt Jobsite WiFi system adapts to a changing jobsite. The system can automatically reconfigure itself as the building project progresses. Should one of the access points fail, the adaptable mesh network can repair itself in order to maintain optimal performance.

The Bottom Line

Is the DeWalt Jobsite Wifi system right for your company? Unless you’re working on major construction projects, probably not. At $1499 per access point, this is the kind of product that you’ll use on long-term construction projects within large firms.

DeWalt Jobsite Wifi Features

  • 1DeWalt Jobsite WiFi0,000 sq.ft. range per unit
  • IP67 rating to protect against dust and water ingress
  • Withstands drops from 10′ and under
  • Adaptable mesh network will automatically:
    • Maintain performance as building progresses
    • Repair itself if one unit goes down
  • Simple, 5-minute set-up per access point
  • Does not require IT department to set up at the jobsite
  • Free app guides the setup process
  • No recurring charges
  • Provides a reliable wi-fi signal even when a cell signal ins’t present

DeWalt Jobsite Wifi Specs

  • VLANs Support: IEEE 802.1Q specification to extend LAN settings to the site
  • Security: WPA2 encryption with SSL interfaces & device offline notifications
  • Dimensions: 10.5″ x 10.5″ x 6″
  • Weight: 5.75 lbs
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