DeWalt PowerShift Electrified Equipment Battery System

DeWalt PowerShift Electrified Equipment Battery System

The breaking news from our friends at Stanley Black and Decker is the DeWalt PowerShift battery system—a new battery platform designed to expand cordless and gas-free jobsite applications. Here’s what we know so far:

The system is slated for a fall 2024 launch. We expect pricing and more details on the tools to be available closer to the release date.

DeWalt PowerShift Battery

DeWalt PowerShift Battery

The battery DeWalt has revealed is a 554Wh pack, though they’re not focusing on the voltage. From what we can gather based on the tools they’re showing, the FlexVolt compatibility, and magnifying one of the tool labels the best we can, it seems that it’s a 60V Max system.

First of all, that makes a lot of sense. DeWalt notes that you can use FlexVolt batteries to extend your runtime. If, as we believe, the PowerShift battery runs at 60V Max, then 554Wh makes for a 9.2Ah pack (assuming they’re calculating watt hours based on max voltage rather than nominal). The biggest FlexVolt pack we have now is 300Wh/5.0Ah (15.0Ah at 20V Max), giving the PowerShift pack an 85% increase in capacity.

Secondly, don’t get too hung up on the voltage. We have battery-powered zero-turn lawn mowers running at similar voltage levels, with power equivalents challenging 25 HP gas engines. Keep in mind that power is a function of voltage and current—you can run whatever voltage you want as long as you can drive the current to get the total watts you need for effective performance.

One of the big questions hanging out there is… what kind of battery technology are we looking at—round cell or pouch cell? The safe bet is pouch cells, but with the recent development of a tabless connection for round cells, it’s possible DeWalt could be using those instead.

What’s not in question is the recharge rate. This 11.5-pound battery can fully recharge in less than one hour.

DeWalt PowerShift Interface

DeWalt PowerShift Interface

Note that the battery interface with the tools is very different from DeWalt’s standard 20V Max/60V Max tools. Unless there’s some Photoshopping involved, you won’t see any pictures with a 554Wh battery on the DCF850 impact driver.

This is a whole new type of battery connection for DeWalt.

That design may be simply to keep people from trying to make such a large battery work on smaller handheld tools. However, there may be more at play.

The PowerShift system appears to be targeting the replacement of gas tools, similar to what we see from Milwaukee’s MX Fuel line. Those products require significantly higher power, and one of the big obstacles to achieving those power levels from a battery is electrical resistance. The beefier connection may also contribute to lower resistance, allowing the energy transfer to happen more efficiently.

DeWalt PowerShift Tools and Equipment

As I mentioned, the focus of this system seems to be replacing gas equipment. In addition to the new battery and rapid charger, there are six tools to go with it. Each one targets the concrete sector and focuses on power, runtime, and ergonomics.

  • Plate compactor
  • Rammer
  • Backpack vibrator
  • Powerpack vibrator
  • Power screed
  • Core drill and stand

Additionally, there’s an adapter to use FlexVolt batteries with PowerShift equipment.

Plate Compactor DCPS7154

Plate Compactor DCPS7154

The plate compactor features a 15.7-inch plate and 3370 ft-lbs of force. The design team paid close attention to the ergonomics of the control layout and gave it a folding handle.

Rammer DCPS660

DeWalt PowerShift Rammer DCPS660

The rammer offers 2660 ft-lbs of force. The design includes vibration-reducing insulators and a two-position handle that holds the controls.

Backpack Vibrator DCPS310

DeWalt PowerShift Backpack Vibrator DCPS310

Including the DeWalt PowerShift battery, the backpack vibrator has a working weight of 25 pounds. A roll cage protects the tool while a hi-vis harness design keeps the operator more visible.

Powerpack Vibrator DCPS320

Powerpack Vibrator DCPS320

Designed to set on the ground or have a second person carry the Powerpack, this vibrator takes the majority of the weight off of the operator. When you’re using it solo, DeWalt Tool Connect gives you the option to activate the unit remotely. There’s also a shoulder strap to make transportation easier.

Power Screed DCPS330

DeWalt PowerShift Power Screed DCPS330

The power screed has an adjustable handle and controls you can mount to either side, making for a highly customizable setup.

Core Drill DCD150 and Stand DCPS151

Core Drill DCD150 and Stand DCPS151

Part of DeWalt’s Perform & Protect lineup, the core drill includes bind-up protection to prevent overrotation and reduce the risk of injury. The overall size of the tool and stand lends itself to close wall or ceiling applications. Pair it with DeWalt’s 20V Max water supply to avoid having to find a hose bib and dragging long hoses around.

Final Thoughts

With the launch of DeWalt PowerShift tools and equipment still half a year away, we’re going to have to wait and see how well the batteries and products perform in the field. The first products certainly make sense. It’s not difficult to imagine seeing tools such as power cutters, breakers, and lighting in the near future. The big thing to keep your eyes on is what kind of behavior changes tradesmen will have to make to shift from gas to battery. If it makes for a more efficient and productive jobsite, you can bet we’ll see more battery-powered equipment replacing gas.

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