Empire eLGC and eLG3D Green Laser Levels

Empire Laser Levels

Empire Green Laser Levels Maximize Brightness and Runtime

Empire Level plans to drop two new Self-Leveling Lasers on us in November. At first glance, we can view this as a positive thing for folks who want a great combination of visibility and accuracy on a budget. The 75′ Green Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser and 125′ Green Self-Leveling 3-Point Laser both bring the range, runtime, and visibility you should expect for layout and measurement tasks.

10-Second Summary

  • Models: Empire eLGC and eLG3D green lasers
  • Accurate to +/- 0.25″ @ 33ft
  • eLGC provides quick leveling or plumb alignment with 75′ range
  • eLG3D provides plumb-point transfers in floor to ceiling applications with range up to 125′
  • Tripod mounting and rare earth manets
  • Impact protected
  • Locking pendulum
  • 4xAA battery powered
  • Available November 2020
  • eLGC price: $149
  • eLG3D price: $119

Bright and Compact

The Empire Level Green Laser Levels deliver 4x more brightness than your standard single red diode lasers we see so often on the jobsite. Clearly, the design takes many cues from the latest Milwaukee cross line lasers but without the use of M12 or Redlithium USB batteries. The end result is a less-expensive solution for those who don’t need the runtime of those pricier but more capable tools.

Empire Laser Levels

Empire Lasers for Leveling and Plumb Measurements

For quick leveling and plumb alignment, the 75′ Green Self-Leveling Empire Cross-Line Laser tackles your cabinet installs, light alignment, and tiling jobs. The 125′ Green Self-Leveling 3-Point Laser steps up the range and adds plumb-point transfers in floor to ceiling applications. Both feature +/- 0.25″ accuracy at 33 ft. and a +/-4° range self-levelling.

Clearly, you can get better accuracy, so that’s one area we feel some more expensive solutions might yield a significant advantage. We like to see 1/8″ accuracy at 33 feet in most Pro-focused laser products.

Empire Laser Levels

Both Empire lasers run on 4 AA batteries. The 75′ laser can run for 15+ hours on a set of batteries, while the 125′ model operates for over 30 hours. That’s excellent run-time for green lasers operating on AA battery power.

Mounting Options

Both Empire laser levels feature tripod mounting and rare earth magnets that let you stick them securely to ferrous surfaces.

Empire Laser Levels


Both of the Empire lasers have ramped-up durability, with rubber overmolding to provide impact protection up to 1m. They both come with an IP54 rating, protecting them from water and dust ingress. They also feature a locking pendulum.

Empire Lasers eLGC eLG3D

Deciding if these work for you really comes down to intended use. You gain a ton of visibility with these Empire green laser levels. You do, however, sacrifice some accuracy and accessories like drop ceiling clips and micro-adjustments. For us, it feels like these are great affordable lasers to get the job done when you need straight level lines but not necessarily that 3/32″ accuracy of more expensive solutions.

Pricing and Availability

You can expect to find the Empire Green Laser Levels starting in November. The 75′ Green Cross-Line Laser comes with AA batteries, a case, and a 1-year warranty for $149. The 125′ Green 3-Point Laser comes with the same accessories and retails for $119.

Empire Laser Level Specs

eLGC 75′ Green Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser

  • Working Range: 75ft
  • Accuracy: +/- ¼” @ 33ft
  • Thread Mount: ¼”-20
  • Run-Time: 15+ Hours
  • Self-Leveling: +/- 4º Tilt
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Impact resistant: 1m
  • Kit Includes: 75’ Green Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser, (4) AA Batteries, and carrying case
  • Price: $149
  • Available November 2020

eLG3D 125′ Green Self-Leveling 3-Point Laser

  • Working Range: 125ft
  • Accuracy: +/- 1/4″ @ 33ft
  • Thread Mount: 1/4″-20
  • Run-Time: 30+ Hours
  • Self-Leveling: +/- 4º Tilt
  • IP Rating: IP54
  • Impact resistant: 1m
  • Kit Includes: 125′ Green Self-Leveling 3-Point Laser, (4) AA batteries, and carrying case
  • Price: $119
  • Available November 2020

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