Filson Ultralight Jacket Review

Filson Ultralight Jacket Review

Packable And Lightweight, Filson’s Ultralight Jacket Is A Cool Weather Winner

The Filson Ultralight Jacket earned a spot in our 2022 Christmas Gift Guide and we’ve enjoyed it so much that we wanted to offer a deeper dive. Does it deserve a spot in your wardrobe? See for yourself!

Wearing the Filson Ultralight Jacket


Filson Ultralight Jacket Review

For material, Filson uses 1.5-ounce Cordura Nylon packed with 60 grams of Primaloft Gold insulation. The outer shell features some of the smallest ripstop patterns I’ve seen. What that means is you get a reasonably durable jacket that offers legit insulating warmth wet or dry that is also incredibly lightweight.

Material Shot

Pro Tip: Primaloft Gold retains 98% of its insulating ability when wet.

The fit is relaxed, giving you room to wear a layer underneath. Both the inner and outer shells are nice and slick, so the jacket slides easily over any inner layers and any additional outer layers pull on easily as well.

The cuffs are elastic. While my wrists aren’t large enough for them to tighten up around, I do get a reasonable seal if I’m wearing gloves. The hem is also elastic and does a good job of keeping cold drafts from seeping up through the bottom.

Looking at the top of the Filson Ultralight Jacket, the collar has a soft cotton moleskin inner lining.



Two exterior pockets are generous in size and we like that the zipper closed when you don’t need them. It helps keep any rain or snow out with more than enough space for any size phone you might be trying to protect. They have a cotton moleskin lining to help warm up your hands.

Inside, you have two interior pockets that are large enough to fit a tablet if you’re carrying one. They’re also great places to keep a pair of gloves and a beanie close by for temperature drops. The left side includes a medium size zippered pocket on the outside of the larger pocket. For most phones, it’s the best one to protect them from the elements or to keep your wallet when you don’t want to carry it in your pants pocket.

Thanks to the nature of Filson’s material choices, the Ultralight Jacket is highly packable, stuffing into its own pocket. It’s perfect for carrying in your backpack on backcountry excursions or packing in your dry box for boating on cooler days.

Filson Ultralight Jacket Price

Get this jacket direct from Filson for $215.00. There are 4 color options to choose from—Surplus Green/Blaze, Fire Pit Gray (with blue), Olive Branch (the color in our photos), and Black. Sizing runs from XS to XXXL and we found our size large fit true to size.

The Bottom Line

The Filson Ultralight Jacket is everything we want from a lightweight jacket. It’s a windproof alternative to a sweatshirt that you can easily layer under or over for additional protection. Because it packs so easily, it’s a must-have part of my travel gear, whether it’s flying out to a trade show, hitting the bay to chase redfish, or on a hiking adventure.

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