Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Review FX2231-Z

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Review
PTR Review
  • Overall Value 9.5

Flex did a great job dialing in excellent performance in their first-generation cordless jigsaw. While there are a couple of minor things that can improve the design, it's one of the best cordless models currently available.

Overall Score 9.5 (out of 10)

Flex Cordless Jigsaw Debuts As A Top Performer

Stepping into the professional woodworking side of power tools, the Flex 24V cordless d-handle jigsaw promises ultimate precision and control. We tested it side-by-side against a wide range of cordless competitors to see if it can deliver.

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  • Excellent cutting speed
  • Excellent vibration control
  • Multiple grip positions and a lock-on switch
  • Simple One-Touch blade change system
  • Dust port, chip guard, and anti-splinter inserts included


  • Lacks tool-free bevel adjustments

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Performance

On paper, Flex has performance specs that match up with the best cordless jigsaws on the market. Its sensor-free brushless motor promises speeds up to 3500 SPM with a 1-inch stroke length.

The design team decided to forgo the more traditional variable speed dial for a 5-mode electronic control panel. There are 4 standard modes that pair with the tool’s variable speed dial and gives us all the control we need.

Flex D-Handle Jigsaw Controls

There’s also an Auto Mode and it’s effectively a soft start. The blade comes to life at a slow speed and then ramps up to full speed as it senses you getting into the cut.

Real-World Performance

That’s all well and good, but specifications are just numbers on a page unless they’re backed up by performance. Running the saw against our other top performers, we were impressed with the cutting speed. Not only that, but the vibration control is also excellent, particularly considering how fast it cuts.

Flex 24V Cordless Jigsaw Performance

The overall control of the cut is also very good for a D-handle design. We felt like we had somewhat better control with the barrel grip version of this saw, but that’s not surprising. Folks that opt for a barrel grip often do because it puts their hands closer to the cutting surface and they get improved control.

But did you notice the overmold under the handle? There’s a lock-on switch you can engage before moving your hand to the lower position. It doesn’t offer as much grip freedom as the barrel grip, but it’s pretty darn effective. Combined with the Auto Mode, it really creates a nice hybrid of the two designs.

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Handle

Like we expected, Flex includes three orbital settings plus off so you can dial in the aggressiveness that’s most appropriate for the blade and material you’re working with.

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Orbital

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Design Notes


Compared to other cordless jigsaws, this model weighs a little more. Bare, it’s 5.1 pounds and a 2.5Ah battery brings it up to 6.4 pounds. With the shoe cover in place, it still glides over wood well, so we don’t think the additional weight is detrimental to the overall performance we experienced.

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Review

If you want additional runtime, you can use the saw with a 5.0Ah battery. That brings the weight to 7.2 pounds and it feels a little more sluggish if you’re cutting tight curves. With how fast Flex’s chargers get you back in the game, we recommend cycling a couple of 2.5Ah batteries instead.

Bevel Adjustments

Flex sticks with a pretty standard bevel adjustment system, however, it’s not tool-free. You need to use a hex wrench to loosen the bolt before slipping it into one of the positive stops that hit 15°, 30°, or 45° left and right. The hex wrench stores right behind the shoe so you have it when you need it.

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Bevel

Blade Changes

Blade changes are super-easy thanks to Flex’s One-Touch design. Simply push the lever on the front of the saw out and it actively ejects the blade. Pop a new blade in and you’re back in business.

Flex 24V Jigsaw Blade Change


Flex includes three accessories you don’t normally get with other cordless jigsaws. First up is a vacuum dust port adapter with a very interesting design. It attaches on either the left or the right of the blade where it’s more effective at capturing dust and chips that fly forward from the blade.

Flex 24V Jigsaw Vacuum Port

There’s a chip guard that goes on the front and that you can use even if the dust port adapter is attached. If you put your face close to the material so you can get a better eye on your cutline, it’s a helpful addition as another protection for your eyes along with your safety glasses.

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Chip Guard

Finally, there’s an anti-splinter insert. If you’ve ever put down painter’s tape to help improve your cut quality, this insert eliminates the need for it. Slide it in place just in front of the teeth edges and it helps keep the splintering to a minimum. It’s most effective when you’re not using orbital action.

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Anti-Splinter Insert

Additional Features

  • Therma-Tech battery heat management
  • 6-cell 24V battery system has 25% more energy available than 18V/20V max systems
  • LED light with on/off switch
  • No-mar shoe cover
  • Dual-guide blade holder

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Price

Flex offers this jigsaw as a bare tool only. You can find it at Lowe’s for $199 and it comes with a handful of accessories:

  • D-handle jigsaw
  • Hex key
  • No-mar shoe cover
  • Chip guard
  • Anti-splinter insert
  • Dust port adapter
  • 20 TPI and 5/6 TPI blades

Flex warrantees this and all their brushless lithium-ion tools for 5 years. However, if you register them by 12/31/22, they’ll upgrade it to a lifetime warranty under the Flex Founder’s program.

The Bottom Line

Flex did a great job dialing in excellent performance in their first-generation cordless jigsaw. While there are a couple of minor things that can improve the design, it’s one of the best cordless models currently available.

Flex 24V Cordless D-Handle Jigsaw Specifications

  • Models: Flex FX2231-Z
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Stroke Length: 1 in., 25 mm
  • No-Load Speed: 0-3,500 SPM
  • Blade Type: T Shank
  • Blade Change: Keyless
  • Orbital Settings: 3
  • Speed Settings: 4+A
  • Left and Right Bevel to 45º with Positive Stops
  • LED Light: Yes
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs bare, 6.4 lbs with 2.5Ah battery
  • Warranty: 5 years; Limited Lifetime with Flex Founders registration by 12/31/22
  • Price: $199 (Bare Tool)

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