FLIR One Pro LT Smartphone Thermal Camera Video Review

FLIR One Pro LT Thermal Camera for iPhone

The FLIR One Pro LT is essentially a slightly scaled down version of the One Pro that uses your smartphone as a platform to get you into thermal image capture. After using it for several weeks, it’s proving to be a handy addition to my iPhone.


  • Affordable thermal image solution for iPhone and Android
  • Shoot photos, videos, and time-lapse photos
  • Set up to three individual temperature points on your screen
  • Multiple color pallet choices
  • Fast charging (40 minutes)
  • MSX thermal/visual combo provides much greater detail


  • Relatively low thermal resolution compared to other phone-based options
  • Fairly small temperature range


There’s a lot you can do with even an entry-level thermal camera like ths one. You can quickly see hot spots on equipment, moisture intrusion, troubleshoot electrical issues and much more. The $299 price tag is a very affordable entry into thermal imaging. If you need more resolution or a wider temperature range, check out the FLIR One Pro for $399.

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