Get a Legit, Official DeWalt 20V Max Battery For $39!

Get a Legit, Official DeWalt 20V Max Battery For $39!

From now through April 2024, you can get a DeWalt 20V Max battery for just $39. Too good to be true? Not this time.

The power tool industry has a problem with Amazon and Ebay. Illegal sellers of knock-off batteries abound with no effective way to deal with them. We’ve had conversations with manufacturers warning of the dangers of using these knock-off products and some have even shared pictures of fires started or tools trashed by batteries that bypass original manufacturer electronics.

Of course, there’s a ton of skepticism that photos are doctored, and stories are just hypothetical. We’ve had plenty of comments on our social media and YouTube channels from people who have used knock-off batteries for years and claim to have never had a problem.

Well, DeWalt is now putting their money where their mouth is and giving you a window to purchase original, legit, high-quality, warrantied DeWalt 20V Max 3.0Ah batteries for just $39 each. All of the major authorized retailers we checked are carrying them at that price, so stock up while there’s time. The deal ends April 30, 2024.

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