April 23, 2021

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Graze Autonomous Mower | GPS, Solar, and Commercial Applications

Graze Robotic Lawn Mower

Graze Aims for Commercial Landscapes

Graze tells us that “US commercial landscaping is a $53 billion dollar industry plagued by high labor costs and low margins.” That’s why they’re planning the launch of the Graze Autonomous Commercial Mower. The mower looks to disrupt the commercial landscaping industry with a mowing solution that reduces labor costs and maximizes efficiency. Shortcode

A Different Robotic Mower

Though the commercial landscaping market hasn’t seen an overabundance of autonomous mowing solutions, Graze certainly isn’t alone in this niche market. So, what does this mower offer that might set it apart from other commercial robomowers on the market?

Graze commercial autonomous solar mower GPS

First, the Graze Autonomous Mower runs purely off of electric and solar energy. Solar panels on top of the mower convert solar energy to supplement the battery and boosting runtimes. Electric power saves you fuel costs, as well as letting the mowers run quietly overnight.

Secondly, the Graze Autonomous Mower uses a proprietary technology to drive it. It utilizes machine learning and computer vision to map job sites, plan and execute mowing paths, avoid obstacles, and collect and apply data to further optimize the precision and efficiency.

Graze autonomous mower

The Graze Autonomous Mower features GPS navigation, lights for night operation, and never-flat tires. The cutting deck is removable for easy access as well.

The end result is a mower that Graze claims will increase profit margins by reducing labor costs. When direct labor runs around 45% of the total revenue generated from lawn mowing, the Graze Commercial Mower eliminates 50% or more of the labor costs and 100% of the fuel costs.

Phase 2 – What Comes Next?

The newest Graze robotic lawnmower comes equipped with even more runtime thanks to a larger battery pack. It also utilizes GPE for accurate, app-based navigation. The newest Graze commercial robotic lawnmower consistently learns and applies data as it mows. The result creates an ever-improving system with new optimization opportunities for fleet operators.

Graze Commercial GPS Robotic Mower Tweels

Machine learning, coupled with cameras and a robust system of sensors lets the new Graze commercial lawn mower map job sites, plan and execute mowing paths, avoid obstacles (i.e. trees, inclines, terrain, people, etc.), while continuously collecting and apply data to further improve performance and efficiency.

Powered completely by batteries and solar panels, the newest model lets operators maximize revenue by deploying mowers during evening hours. This results in significant cuts to fuel expenses and, of course, direct carbon emissions. Graze calculates that replacing a fleet of 1000 mowers with their electric mowers would be equivalent to removing the emissions from over 37 million cars from the road (assuming zero emissions from energy generation).

Graze Commercial GPS Solar-Electric Robotic Mower

Investment Opportunities

While the Graze Autonomous Commercial Mower looks poised to tackle the landscaping industry in the emerging robotic market, they’re not over the line yet in terms of production.

While the Graze team does already have significant backing from Wavemaker, with over $19 million in preorders from Sundale Country Club and Mainscape Landscaping Company, investment opportunities are still available.

In fact, any individual can invest in the company without large upfront costs. To date, more than $1.6M has been raised from individual investors.

To learn more about the Graze Autonomous Commercial Mowers, click here.

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