Hart 20V Cordless Pressurized Vehicle Cleaner Review | HGPC011

Hart Cordless Vehicle Cleaner Gets Tough on Grime

Being a native Floridian, I’ll use just about any excuse to reduce my time working out in the summer heat, especially when it comes to washing my cars. Hart’s 20V pressurized vehicle cleaner offers more pressure than a standard garden hose while the included accessories help cut down on waste and time.

Hart Cordless Pressurized Vehicle Cleaner Performance

When it’s time to wash my truck, Hart’s cordless power cleaner makes it much easier. Right out of the box, Hart equips you with all the accessories to make that Saturday carwash a breeze. The pressurized vehicle cleaner nozzle has three pressure settings to direct up to 320 PSI towards whatever you’re cleaning.

I set the nozzle to 15° and blasted some thick mud build-up in my wheel wells leftover from a recent weekend adventure. If you like to fish, the turbo nozzle is perfect for dislodging fish slime from the boat deck and then washing it all down using the rinse setting after a long day out on the bay.

In comparison to other power cleaners on the market, the Hart pressurized vehicle cleaner comes in on the lower side of the PSI scale. Even so, there is plenty of cleaning power to tackle a variety of tasks.

You can clean patio furniture, windows, screens, campers, or ATVs. It’s just not as effective at cleaning concrete or other surfaces that really need a higher PSI level to get the gunk moving. For those jobs, we still recommend breaking out a full-sized pressure washer.

Unlike more expensive power cleaners that feature multiple pressure settings, the Hart sprayer only has one. Realistically, we typically run our power cleaners on high anyway, so having just one setting isn’t really a drawback.

Hart Cordless Pressurized Vehicle Cleaner Design Notes

Size and Weight

Hart’s cordless vehicle cleaner has a very similar profile to that of an ordinary pressure washer wand. From tip to tail, it measures 39.5 inches in length and weighs at just under 6 pounds with a 4.0Ah battery.

Battery Housing

While it’s not “waterproof” per se, the battery housing does have a rubber gasket and does a fine job of keeping splashing water and suds away from the pack.

Nozzles and Accessories

Of the pressure cleaner nozzles we’ve seen, I really like this one the most because it only includes the most practical settings. The 15° setting is great for cleaning off tough dirt and grime while the turbo and rinse settings clear away any leftover debris or suds. In the box, you’ll also find a foamer attachment and a stiff wheel brush attachment.

Wheel Brush

One of the major benefits of any power cleaner is the ability to use it without needing a water spigot nearby. Whether you get the bare tool or the kit, it includes a 20-foot siphon hose for when you want to clean up while on the go. This siphon hose is able to draw from any fresh-water source such as a lake, river, swimming pool, or even a bucket of water.

Hart 20V Power Cleaner

Additional Features

  • Garden hose adapter

Hart Cordless Pressurized Vehicle Cleaner Price

The Hart 20V cordless power cleaner comes in at a very reasonable $98.00 without a battery and charger. Based on comparable power cleaners, this is a decent value for what you get. If you’re not already on Hart’s 20V battery system, you need to factor in the cost of a battery and charger. Better yet, pick up one of Hart’s combo kits and get started with a few power tools as well.

The Bottom Line

While your pressure washer is still the best bet for most of the heavy cleaning around your house, Hart’s 20V cordless pressurized vehicle cleaner is fantastic for helping you clean more delicate things that pressure washers might damage and it’s a big help when you’re on the go.

To check out the entire Hart lineup, click here.

Hart Cordless Pressurized Vehicle Cleaner Specifications

  • Model#: HGPC011
  • Power Source: Hart 20V System
  • Flow Rate: 0.8 GPM
  • Max Pressure: 320 PSI
  • Nozzle: 3-in-1 (turbo, 15°, rinse)
  • Weight: 4.44 lbs (bare), 5.81 lbs (with 4Ah battery)
  • Length: 39.5 in.
  • Warranty: 3-year limited
  • Price: $98.00

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