HART 40V Battery-Powered 8-Inch Earth Auger Review

HART 40V Battery-Powered Earth Auger Review

HART 40V Battery-Powered Auger Digs Through Soil Fast

We recently got the opportunity to meet up with our friendly neighborhood rancher, Eli Mosley, to put up a few fence posts in one of his cow pastures. It’s amazing how we get “invited” over when he has work to do… Typically, this is a backbreaking process involving either post-hole diggers or even a shovel and more than a few blisters. This time, we brought along the HART 40V battery-powered 8-inch earth auger to help lighten the load.

Using The HART 40V Battery-Powered Auger

HART 40V Battery-Powered Earth Auger Review

The ground we were working in wasn’t typical soft Florida sugar sand, so we kicked it up to high gear, and the auger’s brushless motor powered through the soil with ease at 200 RPM. To help turn the bit, the motor produces up to 53.98 ft-lbs of torque.

Along with the 3-inch posts, Eli needed to set a few new 8-inch corner posts. This style of post needs to be set a bit deeper than the others because of the amount of tension they endure from the barbed wire. The auger quickly chewed through the dirt and we used all 31 inches of the bit leaving behind a perfect post hole in a matter of seconds.

HART 40V Battery-Powered Earth Auger Review

During one of the holes, we managed to snag a root which ended up triggering the anti-kickback feature. It immediately stopped rotation after the handle jerked about 45°. One thing we appreciate HART adding to this auger is a strip of foam padding on the left handle to cushion you in the event of a bind-up.

You install auger bits with a standard pin-based quick connection, so other brands of bits are compatible if you want to add other sizes. For fencing and landscape planting, we recommend adding a 4-inch bit.

HART 40V Battery-Powered Auger Design Notes

Size and Weight

HART 40V Battery-Powered Earth Auger Review

This tool tips the scales at 38.25 pounds and stands 44 inches tall with the 8-inch auger bit that comes in the kit. That’s right on par with what we see with gas models even with a 4.0Ah battery. Even though you’re getting a ton of weight savings over gas, there’s no pull cord, gas, or maintenance to deal with. Just pull the trigger and you’re off to the races.


The look and feel of this auger remind me a lot of its gas counterparts. This makes the transition to a battery-powered auger incredibly smooth. The large side handles allow you to maintain a very secure grip, even in tougher soil. There’s a little bit of play in the connection between the bit and drive, but that’s typical of earth augers.



The control switch is located on the right handle. There are high and low speeds as well as reverse. The trigger features a small safety to help prevent accidental activation during transport. To engage the auger, select the mode you want to work in, position both hands on the handles to control the drive, and pull the trigger to get started.

Pro Tip: If you know you’re going into harder soil, rocky soil, or dealing with roots, it can be helpful to go ahead and position the left handle cushion against your leg/hip for additional control.

HART 40V Battery-Powered Auger Price

HART’s auger is available as a kit that includes an 8-inch auger bit, 4.0Ah battery, and charger for $396. Hart includes a 5-year limited tool warranty as well as a 3-year limited battery warranty with the kit.

The Bottom Line

After putting the HART 40V 8-inch auger to the test we were pleased with how much it sped up our hole-digging process. It easily tackled an array of soil types and didn’t show signs of letting up. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking to replace your old gas auger or just want to retire your post-hole diggers.

Hart 40V Battery-Powered Auger Specifications

  • Model: Hart HLAUG01
  • Power Source: Hart 40V battery
  • No-Load Speed: 200 RPM
  • Max Torque: 53.98 ft-lbs
  • Digging Capacity: 30 holes per charge (with 40V 4.0Ah battery)
  • Gearbox: Low/High/Reverse
  • Weight: 38.25 lbs.
  • Height: 44 in.
  • Max Bit Diameter: 10 in.
  • Anti-Kickback Protection: Yes
  • Max Auger Depth: 31 in.
  • Warranty: 5-year (tool), 3-year limited (battery)
  • Price: $396 (kit)

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