HART 4V Power Cutter Review – Cut Clamshell Packs and More!

HART 4V Power Cutter Review

If you poll our office and ask what the most hated object in retail history is, nearly everyone will tell you it’s clamshell packaging. A relatively new tool to the scene is the cordless power cutter, and we had the opportunity to use the HART 4V Power Cutter and get some revenge on our nemesis.

Using the HART 4V Power Cutter

Cutting Clamshell Packaging

While our collective anger is set against clamshell packaging, the HART HFCT01 is capable of cutting much more than that. Rotating a 10-sided, self-sharpening blade against the guide, you can cut plastic, cloth, leather, rubber, and cardboard up to 1/4-inch thick.

Simply line up your material, slip the guide bar underneath, pull the trigger, and push forward. It’s that easy. Since the cutting wheel takes care of slicing through your material, all you have to do is guide the tool forward.

HART 4V Power Cutter Review

The trigger has a two-stage design to add some safety. You need to push the blue safety forward and then press the paddle trigger. You can fit three to four fingers across the trigger depending on your hand size, and that helps to reduce the amount of fatigue your hands experience if you’re doing a lot of cutting.

HART 4V Power Cutter Review

There’s also a guard underneath the trigger on the HART 4V Power Cutter. This is helpful when you’re cutting that [insert insulting adjective here] clamshell packaging, cardboard, or other material that might cut your fingers if you run them across it.

Power Source

An internal 4V battery powers the cutter and recharges with a USB-C cord. HART includes a cord in the package, but there’s a good chance you already have a couple in your home as well. There’s no brick in the package, so you’ll need to repurpose one you already have if you want to plug it directly into the wall. Otherwise, any USB-A outlet will do the trick.

There’s an LED indicator on the back of the tool to give you an idea of your charge status. When you press the trigger, it’s green then changes to red when your battery drops below 25%. When it’s below 5%, it blinks red three times. During charging, it blinks until it reaches a full charge and turns solid green.

HART 4V Power Cutter Price

This hand-saving cutting tool is available at Walmart online and in select stores for $49.88. HART backs it with a 2-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

If you have materials that are on the HART 4V Power Cutter’s menu (and who doesn’t in a 2-day delivery world?), give your hands a break and pick one up. Heck, pick up several and keep one in your home, office, and toolbox!

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