October 19, 2021

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Hilti Hollow Drill Bits for Concrete Anchor Drilling

Hilti Hollow Core Drill Bits

Hilti hollow drill bits work with a dust extractor vacuum to draw dust out of anchor holes prior to adding epoxy. The Hilti models TE-YD (SDS-MAX) and TE-CD (SDS-Plus) both evacuate dust from holes while they drill. This eliminates the need to use compressed air to blow out holes. It also reduces the potential mess created by this process. As soon as you’re done drilling, the hole is ready for you to epoxy and drive in anchors.

Hilti Hollow Drill Bits Features

Both Hilti TE-CD and TE-YD hollow drill bits come in diameters up to 1-1/4″. And the best thing? Because of the forced airflow, they run cooler and last approximately twice as long as conventional concrete drill bits.

Hilti hollow drill bits
SDS-Plus hollow drill bits


  • Drilling and hole cleaning in one step
  • Optimum hole cleaning for consistent anchor setting
  • Robustness, lifetime and drilling speed equal to TE-YX drill bits
  • Minimized snagging or sticking when drilling into rebars
Hilti TE-YD
Hilti SDS-MAX hollow drill bits

Hilti Hollow Drill Bit Applications

The potential for this system might seem obvious to some. Suffice it to say you have lots of reasons to want to use Hilti hollow drill bits. Possible applications for this include, among other things, drilling holes for:

  • Anchoring structural steel (e.g. steel columns, beams)
  • Structural connections made with post-installed rebars
  • Anchoring secondary steel structures (e.g. staircases, steel ledgers)
  • Structural renovation or upgrading with post-installed rebars
  • Substitution of incorrectly placed or missing rebars
  • Anchoring railings and safety barriers


Pricing varies based on size and type. Learn more from the Hilti website.

Hilti hollow drill bits

Our Thoughts

Hilti really seems focused on developing a truly cordless jobsite. And I can’t think of any better venue for that than with concrete tools—which often show up when adequate corded power is a real pain to bring to the jobsite. Accessories like hollow drill bits mean that Hilti isn’t leaving the other factors behind as it pursues its battery-powered tools and seems to be driving forward with the whole package. It’s some pretty fascinating stuff and we’ll need to take a good look at it as soon as we can get our hands on a sample.

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