Hilti Kwik-X Dual Action Anchor System

Hilti Kwik-X Dual Action Anchor System

Hilti Develops Innovative Anchor System That Saves Time and Money

We get a lot of news about products that claim to be “game-changing”, “industry-first”, or other accolades. While most of them really do improve things for tradesmen, the actual effect may not be quite as dramatic as the vocabulary. When our team returned from World of Concrete and told me about the Hilti Kwik-X Dual Action Anchor System, however, it piqued my interest on a much higher level.

Hilti Kwik-X Dual Action Anchor System Components

Hilti Kwik-X Dual Action Anchor System

The system primarily comprises two pieces: adhesive and anchor. That may not seem terribly innovative considering we’ve been using that combination for a long time. There are significant differences, though.

The adhesive comes in pre-measured packets rather than the sausage rolls you use in an applicator. It’s the key that makes the whole thing work. It combines with Hilti screw anchors. Obviously, you still need a hole to install the anchors into, and using screws anchors means you need to drive them. The process takes a very different turn from traditional methods from there.

How The Hilti Kwik-X Dual Action Anchor System Works

To put it simply, the Kwik-X system can be stated as “drill, drop, drive, done.” No joke.

Just like you would with any other anchor, you start by drilling the appropriate-sized hole for it. But instead of reaching for your vac or hole blower, you skip the cleanout step completely. The way you get around it is by using Hilti’s SafeSet procedure which includes using a hollow bit and vac to remove dust while you’re drilling.

Next, you take the adhesive packet and drop the entire thing into the hole, package and all. You don’t need to squeeze it out and you don’t need to use an applicator.

Finally, use your impact wrench to drive the fastener in place. As it turns, it breaks the packet open and displaces the adhesive to fill the gaps.

That’s it, you’re done.

Compared to standard anchoring methods, Hilti says you can expect 70% faster anchor setting and 20% cost savings. With fewer steps, less equipment, and no waste adhesive, it’s easy to see how it really can have a big effect on your crew’s productivity.

Available Anchors

Hilti Kwik-X Dual Action Anchors are available for 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, and 3/4-inch diameter screw anchors. You need to use either KH-EZ CRC or KH-EZ screw anchors from Hilti. No other brands or styles are rated for this system.

For the adhesive packets, you need to define the installation depth along with the screw anchor diameter. Six options are available from less than 3 inches up to 4 1/2+ inches.

There are also multiple quantities available. Grab single adhesive packets all the way up to 50-pack boxes.

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