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Manufacturer: Hilti

We almost never do our Hilti tool reviews in-house. That’s because they require Pro handling on the job site. We were able to thoroughly test out the Hilti VC 150-10 XE dust extractor and the Hilti charging radio. For products like the Hilti SF 6H-A22 22V hammer drill driver and the Hilti 22V cordless brushless cut-out tool, however, we brought in the Pros. Hilti is well-known in the construction industry as a concrete professional’s go-to tool company. Hilti tools have an excellent reputation for performance and warranty service. Our Hilti tool reviews take all of that into account and compare that against the competitive tool landscape. Hilti Tool Reviews from Concrete Professionals The Hilti tool reviews below include products which received hands-on reviews from concrete professionals. We also tackle some of the products in-house in the PTR Shop and testing facility. All-in-all we make sure each tool is carefully tested so you know what to expect when you use it in the field.

Hilti Nuron Power Tools and Battery Technology

Hilti Nuron Power Tools and Battery Technology – Hands-on Testing

In late 2021, Hilti invited Pro Tool Reviews and a couple dozen of its “closest friends” to Switzerland. We attended the world debut of both Hilti Nuron battery technology (Note: Nuron, not Neuron) and updated power tools. Releasing around 70 tools at the event—mostly featuring brushless motors—the launch was one of the largest we’d seen […]

OSHA Silica Dust Fines Aren't Cheap

When You Need a HEPA Filter for Table 1 Compliance

Dear Table 1, I know you’re there to help protect the health of concrete workers around the country, but you’re awfully confusing at times. Just tell me when you need a HEPA filter for Table 1 compliance already! I imagine this is how just one of many letters we’d like to write to OSHA Table […]

things not covered under power tool warranty

What Makes a Good Power Tool Warranty? The Often Overlooked Feature

When we review or preview a product here at Pro Tool Reviews, we do our best to include the details of the power tool warranty to help you in your decision-making. This is an important, yet often overlooked feature that you should carefully consider when investing your business’ or personal dollars in tools. If you’re trying […]

Hilti On!Track RFID tag bar code

Hilti ON!Track Asset Management Tool

Hilti ON!Track Designed to Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Lost Tools The Hilti ON!Track Asset Management System provides consultation, implementation, and customer care for the complete line of Hilti tools. According to Hilti’s research, more than $1 billion in tools, consumables, and commodities are lost each year. The majority of these end up in the hands of […]

HIlti Compact Drill Driver

Hilti Compact Drill Driver SF 4-A22

Hilti Provides More Productivity, Safety, and Speed in this Compact Drill Driver The Hilti SF 4-A22 Compact Drill Driver is now available, offering Hilti users a small, powerful drill. Hilti claims that it not only drills up to 30% faster than other drills in its compact class but that it also runs up to 30% […]

Hilti TE 70-ATC/AVR SDS-Max Combination Hammer

Hilti TE 70-ATC SDS-Max Combination Hammer

Hilti Next-Gen Combination Hammer Drills 40% Faster in Reinforced Concrete The Hilti TE 70-ATC with AVR presents a next-generation SDS-Max Combination Hammer with 10.7 ft-lbs of impact energy. According to Hilti, this is the most powerful combi-hammer in its class. They say it can help commercial contractors and tradesmen drill up to 40% faster in […]

Hilti SDS-Max Chisels

Hilti TE-YPX SDS-Max Pointed Chisels

Hilti SDS-Max Chisels Work 3X Longer Than Standard SDS Max Chisels If you’ve never put any thought into your pointed chisels, that might change. If you can get more life out of your accessories, well, that could save some time and money. The Hilti TE-YPX SDS-Max Pointed Chisels use a state-of-the-art wave design and some […]

Hilti SFE 2-A12 Multi-head Drill Driver

Hilti Installation Drill Driver Reaches Into Tight Quarters You’ve seen Bosch’s FlexiClick, and you’ve seen Milwaukee’s 4-in-1 Installation Driver. But now, Hilti joins in the fun with their first 12V Multi-head Drill Driver, a tool designed to tackle the most demanding and difficult access applications. The versatile Hilti SFE 2-A12 will save you time, and […]

How Does a Rotary Hammer Work

How Does a Rotary Hammer Work?

Since we cover so many concrete tools, we get a lot of questions about these from readers. We figured it might be a good time to answer the question of exactly how does a rotary hammer work. Hopefully, this article appeals to both tradesmen who use these tools daily as well as those who just […]

Best Hilti Tools at World of Concrete 2020 - SF 6H-A22 Hammer Drill with ATC

Hilti Cordless Drill and Driver Updates for 2020

Hilti made a big splash at World of Concrete with innovations in, well, concrete tools. They’re not neglecting some of the cross-trade tools, though. There are a couple of significant updates to some of Hilti’s drills and drivers worth noting, especially if you like working with more compact designs. Hilti 12V Brushless Tools Hilti came […]