October 26, 2021

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Hilti ON!Track Asset Management Tool

Hilti On!Track RFID tag bar code

Hilti ON!Track Designed to Maximize Efficiency and Reduce Lost Tools

The Hilti ON!Track Asset Management System provides consultation, implementation, and customer care for the complete line of Hilti tools. According to Hilti’s research, more than $1 billion in tools, consumables, and commodities are lost each year. The majority of these end up in the hands of people that didn’t come across them by legal means. When we looked into jobsite security, several companies told us they had ideas under development. That includes systems like Milwaukee One-Key and DeWalt Tool Connect. In fact, Hilti has been working on their solution since 2011.

Hilti ON!Track Overview

The primary function of the Hilti ON!Track system involves keeping track of what tools are out, who they’ve been checked out to, and what site they’re on. This idea is nothing new—we’ve been using whiteboards and spreadsheets to track this information for a long time now.

Hilti makes it easier through the use of an RFID/bar code scanning system that also has a unique ID number. Any team member can download the app and scan bar codes to check out tools from the warehouse or at the jobsite. Taking it to another level of efficiency, Hilti’s scanner can read the RFID tag by just sweeping it over the box to see exactly what’s inside.

Hilti On!Track RFID tags

Checking Tools Out and In

Hilti On!Track Scanner

The implications are profound. A warehouse manager can now scan an entire box of tools in just a few seconds while the project manager verifies on screen that he has everything he needs. Using the app or a second scanner, the project manager can scan the box again at the beginning and end of each day to make sure all the tools have been returned.

When it comes to returning tools to the warehouse (or to double-check before you leave the jobsite), the manager again only has to make a quick sweep to see that all the tools have been returned. Not only does Hilti ON!Track tell the manager how many tools have been returned, it also tells him exactly which tools were returned. Rather than seeing 20 tools were brought back, he now knows that 19 of them were the ones he checked out to you, but that someone swapped an SF 10W-A18 Drill for an SID A-18 Impact Driver. Managers can ensure that the exact tools checked out have been returned down to the serial number.

Tool Tracking, But No GPS…Yet

Beyond simple check-out/check-in, Hilti ON!Track software shows the physical locations of where the tools have been checked out. They aren’t GPS enabled yet, but you select the job they are being checked out to so you know where your assets are distributed. You can also keep track of service considerations such as standard maintenance, certification, calibration, and inspections. The system can tell you when it’s time to take a tool out of service for scheduled maintenance or retirement. No more guessing when it’s time or where it is.

Hilti ON!Track Screenshot

Hilti On!Track RFID Tool-Tracking

Hilti ON!Track is unique in that it uses an RFID/bar code system. These are stickers placed on tools, accessories, and consumable packaging. That means they work on anyone’s tools, not just Hilti’s. Whether it’s a power tool, ladder, or drill bit, you can track it. I know what you’re thinking, “a sticker is going to last about as long as a cowboy riding El Diablo in a bull riding competition on my jobsite.” This is Hilti we’re talking about. They designed these nine-layer tags to stand up to the worst you can throw at them. We caught Hilti reps tossing tagged tools into a mixer along with broken concrete pieces just to show how tough they are.

concrete mixer with power tools

App Control via the Cloud

The system is cloud-based, so you can access the system via an app on any web-enabled device. The subscription has an unlimited number of users rather than the per-user fee that normally accompanies asset management software.

Hilti also provides on-site or remote support to get you up to speed and help you maximize your newfound efficiency. There’s a dedicated hotline to get immediate assistance if you run into any questions or issues. For more information, check out Hilti’s website.

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Klaus Keith

This technology still requires a manual action from the manager at the warehouse or the worker, when fetching or leaving tools at the warehouse. Please have a look at http://www.nanolink.com . We have made a tag, and system, that will track the tools fully automatically. This means that no action is needed, when worker fecthes tools from the warehouse, and even, the system will tell who took the tools on the road – no actions required!

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