Hooyman 40V Cordless Pole Saw Review PB40V-S

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  • Overall Rating 8.9

Hooyman's cordless pole saw is a great fit for seasonal tree trimming around your home or acreage. It has plenty of muscle cut through hardwoods. Aside from its quirky tensioner screw, it's very easy to use, and its smaller storage footprint is appealing.

Overall Score 8.9 (out of 10)

Hooyman 40V Cordless Pole Saw Cuts Down On Seasonal Tree Trimming

We’re big fans of Hooyman outdoor tools. Our experience with the brand’s cutting, digging, and striking tools has been extremely positive. At the moment, there’s only one cordless tool in the line—the Hooyman 40V cordless pole saw. We headed out to the ranch to see how it compares to other battery-powered pole saws we use.


  • Good cutting speed
  • Well-balanced weight distribution
  • Full-hand trigger
  • Angled head design
  • Collapses down to 4 feet


  • Chain tensioning screw is hard to access
  • Manual pole connection isn’t as convenient as telescoping models

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Hooyman 40V Cordless Pole Saw Performance

We met up with our good friend Eli Mosley out at his ranch to trim up some low-hanging oak branches that were encroaching on his cow pens. The branches were between 2 and 4 inches thick, the perfect size for Hooyman’s 8-inch bar and in-line motor to show off its capabilities.

Like we’ve seen with other pole saws in the past, Hooyman’s utilizes an angled head design which gives you a more aggressive angle of attack during cuts. This vertical cut angle results in a safer and more predictable drop when cutting limbs overhead.

Hooyman’s sharp chain smoothly sliced through the hard oak branches with ease and quickly cleared woodchips and debris without any clogs.

If you’re new to using a pole saw, the smooth cutting action is crucial to completing the job safely. Maintaining control without applying excessive downforce is key for guiding the saw through the cut. If you keep your chain sharp and your bar oil topped off, you won’t have any issues making your cuts.

Overall, the saw’s performance is in the middle range compared to other models we’ve tested. It’s clearly better than entry-level models, but not quite as strong as the top dogs.

Hooyman 40V Cordless Pole Saw Design Notes

Full-Hand Trigger

Hooyman’s trigger design is a big win. It’s large enough that your entire hand can wrap around it, spreading the workload over a larger area. Finger fatigue can make a job harder (especially as some of us are getting older) but this design helps avoid it.

Three Piece Construciton

The Hooyman 40V pole saw’s aluminum shaft breaks down into three independent pieces for easy storage. Threaded couplers securely hold the extensions together and add a bit of rigidity. We really like this design because of its robust feel even though there’s a risk of misplacing a section, unlike with telescoping pole saws. However, the kit includes a zippered storage bag to hold all parts and accessories when you’re not using it.

Auto Oiler

This pole saw has a self-lubricating system similar to a regular chainsaw so there’s no need to stop working to apply oil. The reservoir holds a few ounces of your favorite bar oil and a translucent tank gauge makes it easy to see when it’s time to refill. Like many pole saws, it does tend to leak when it’s sitting for a while, so consider emptying the oil if you’re going to store the saw for a while.

Chain Tensioning

Adjusting the chain tension is pretty straightforward. Loosen the dial on the side to allow the bar to move then turn the tensioner screw located on the front of the motor housing with a flathead screwdriver to tighten the chain. Once you’ve made your adjustments, tighten the dial to secure the bar in place and you’re good to go.

While we don’t mind using a scrench for tension adjustments, the location of the tensioner screw on this particular model is slightly inconvenient. The screw is nestled right up against the bar so it’s somewhat difficult to manipulate with the kitted scrench. It’s not a complete deal-breaker for us but it’s something we’d like to see updated in future generations of this saw.

Additional Features

  • 4-foot storage bag
  • Lanyard loop

Hooyman 40V Cordless Pole Saw Price

The Hooyman 40V pole saw retails for $324.99 on their brand product page and we found it online for closer to $260. Their kit includes the saw, one extension, a battery, and a charger.

The Bottom Line

Hooyman’s cordless pole saw is a great fit for seasonal tree trimming around your home or acreage. It has plenty of muscle cut through hardwoods. Aside from its quirky tensioner screw, it’s very easy to use, and its smaller storage footprint is appealing.


  • Model: Hooyman PB40V-S
  • Power Source: Hooyman 40V System
  • Max Reach: 10 ft.
  • Bar Length: 8 in.
  • Weight: 9.7 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: $324.99

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