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Ironclad Rechargeable LED Work Light Review

ironclad rechargeable led work light

When we received a package from Ironclad, we assumed we’d open it and find the latest gloves along with a few stickers. We were surprised to find two Ironclad rechargeable LED work light models. And, yes, there were some gloves as well. 

10-Second Summary

  • Integrated 18650 lithium-ion battery
  • LED battery level indicator
  • Micro USB rechargeable
  • 1,000 or 1,400-lumen models
  • 100,000+ hour COB LEDs
  • Primarily tool plastic frame construction
  • $24.99 (M12040), $29.99 (M12050)

Ironclad Rechargeable LED Work Lights

Integrated Lithium-Ion Power

Both lights feature an integrated 18650 lithium-ion battery producing 3.7 volts with 4.4 amp-hours for a total of 16.28 watt-hours of capacity.

They recharge with an included micro USB cord. They also have a USB port sitting next to the charging port to offer a power supply for your phone after watching our YouTube channel on your lunch break.

ironclad rechargeable led work light

To keep an eye on your charge level, a bank of four LED lights are on the back and stay lit as long as the light is on. Pressing the power button once also lets you see the level without turning the light on.

ironclad rechargeable led work light

LEDs and Lumens

The COB LEDs that those batteries power are rated for an incredible 100,000+ hours of life.

The smaller of the two lights, the Ironclad M12040, produces 1,000 lumens on high and runs up to 3.5 hours.

ironclad rechargeable led work light

The Ironclad M12050 has a bit more output at 1,400 lumens and runs up to 4 hours.

ironclad rechargeable led work light

Each Ironclad rechargeable LED light has four modes: high (100%), low (50%), SOS flash, and strobe. To cycle between them, simply press the power button on the back as many times as it takes to get to the mode you want. After a few seconds in any mode, your next press turns the light off.


If you’re looking for an industrial-level construction, you’ll need to keep looking. The frames and housings are primarily tool plastic and don’t inspire the same confidence as metal.

Still, nylon and TPR are stronger than they look and these lights should be able to handle some bumping and tumbling on residential construction sites. As long as you don’t abuse tools at the Ben Parker level, they’ll be fine for a variety of job site and recreational uses.

ironclad rechargeable led work light


Compared to some of the high-end industrial lighting we use, these lights are low on power, features, and metal in their construction. But when you look at the price, each Ironclad rechargeable LED work light suddenly shines much brighter (figuratively speaking, of course).

At $24.99 (M12040) and $29.99 (M12050), you’re going to have to look long and hard to find work lights with this output level and an integrated rechargeable battery.

The cost is so low that they’re almost consumable items. At the very least, it’s a lot easier to let go of your worry that they’ll get stolen or take a few bumps during transport. In the end, what you get for the price makes them worth your consideration.

Ironclad M12040 Rechargeable LED Work Light

The Ironclad M12040 is designed to stand on its 180º pivoting arm or attach to a tripod. The arm gives you enough room on the top to hang it from a nail or screw if you like.

Output500 or 1,000 lumens
RuntimeUp to 3.5 hours
ThrowApproximately 160º L/R
Stand180º pivoting arm, tripod threads
LED100,000+ hour COB
RatingIndoor and outdoor
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Ironclad M12050 Rechargeable LED Work Light

The Ironclad M12050 has no tripod threads. Instead, it uses a 2-point pivot system, each allowing 360º rotation to point the light exactly where you need it.

Four foam handles around each side make carrying and adjusting the light more comfortable. We’re not sure how long that foam will hold up, but it’s nice to have.

Output700 or 1,400 lumens
RuntimeUp to 4 hours
ThrowApproximately 160º L/R
Stand2-point, 360º articulation
LED100,000+ hour COB
RatingIndoor and outdoor
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