Kapro 905DG Optivision Digital Level Review

Kapro 905DG Digital Level Packs Innovation and Accuracy Into Jobsite-Tough Design

We recently had the chance to take the Kapro 905DG Digital Level to the jobsite. Our experience with Kapro has historically been really positive. The brand specializes in accurate and durable level designs that stand out in something of a crowded market space. Case in point: take a look at the Kapro 905DG Digital Box Level with Optivision, which showcases a progressive enough design that we felt it deserved the Pro Tool Innovation Award.

Kapro offers three sizes: 24-, 48-, and 72-inch models. We tested the 24-inch digital level, the smallest of the three.


  • Solid Build
  • Great Accuracy
  • Optivision really helps with visibility in any lighting condition
  • Digital measurements are easy to calibrate and capture


  • None to speak of

Kapro 905DG Optivision Vials

The Kapro 905DG (formerly the 905D) is based on the Condor Box Level with Optivision. When we reviewed that box level a few years back, our Pros noted its durability and accuracy. But, the stand-out innovation was the Optivision, a unique set of vials that employs a red and white color scheme that’s not only easy on the eyes but is also highly visible in even bright conditions.

Kapro Optivision Digital Level vial

The Kapro 905DG Digital Box Level picks up where that Condor Level left off. It features an aluminum build with an uninterrupted upper edge and a fine-milled read surface. Strong rare earth magnets hold the level fast to any metal surface. The edges have rubber end caps that might not be unique, but which we appreciate all the same for their shock absorption. And again, we see the break-proof polycarbonate Optivision red vials that we liked so much the first time around.

Kapro Optivision Digital Level 905DG Condor

Backlit Digital LCD Display

However, the Kapro 905DG also moves in a bold new direction with its digital LCD display. Kapro claims that they’ve got the largest LCD display in its class…and to affirm that claim, we can say that it probably is the biggest digital display we’ve come across for its size.

However, the size is really only half the allure here. The Kapro 905DG has a green backlit LCD screen that remains very readable in super bright conditions. I don’t have the best eyes in the world, but even I could read the screen from about 20 feet back with the noon-time sun blasting me square in the eyeballs.

What’s more, the digital readout flips at 45º to give you the best readability at any angle. This feature feels particularly helpful when you’re holding it overhead and upside down.

The 905DG’s digital readout features a variety of selectable modes. You can set it to display degrees, percentage, pitch, mm/m, in/ft., and in/ft in fractions. A “Hold” feature lets you keep the readout on the screen. For ADA 4.8.2 ramp compliance, the Kapro 905DG Digital Level features a “False Zero” function that lets you manually set a base angle so you can quickly and accurately take slope measurements.

Kapro Optivision Digital Level Accuracy

All of this function wouldn’t be worth a hill of beans if it wasn’t matched with outstanding accuracy. But the Kapro 905DG Digital Box Level makes a claim for the hill and all of the beans. It has a 0.05º digital accuracy at 0º and 90º, and a 0.0005”/” (0.5mm/m) vial accuracy.

The Kapro 905D was meticulously designed to combine the latest digital technology with the job-tested ruggedness of Kapro’s original 905 Condor. The result is one of the most advanced professional digital box levels in the world, packed with state-of-the-art features that make it ideal for construction, framing, roofing, carpentry, tiling, and beyond.

Gal Wollach, vice president of business development at Kapro Tools

Other Features

  • Electronic calibration
  • Visual and audible slope indication
  • Low-battery indicator signal
  • Auto-shutdown that is user selectable for 15, 30, 60, and 120 minutes
  • IP65 rating against dust and water ingress
  • Lifetime warranty

Options and Pricing

You can pick up the Kapro 905DG Optivision Digital Level in any one of three size options: 24″, 48″, and 72″. You can expect to pay around $170, $185, and $225, respectively. We recently found them for even less at Acme Tools. Each comes with a lifetime warranty.

To visit the product page, visit U.S. Tape by clicking here.

The Bottom Line

The Kapro Digital Level with Optivision makes a great choice for anyone in need of a Pro-quality level. Between its feature set and its accuracy, it has all the tools you could realistically expect from a level. And, with the Optivision vials and the large digital readout, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where you wouldn’t be able to read your level, even at a distance.

Kapro Optivision Digital Level Specs

  • Models: Kapro 905DG-24 (24 in.), 905DG-48 (48 in.), 905DG-72 (72 in.)
  • Level Accuracy: <0.05º digital accuracy at level & plumb; <0.1º at other angles
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Vials Measuring Level: 2
  • Vials Measuring Plumb: 1
  • Water and Dust Protection: IP65
  • Case: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty against defects
  • Prices: $229, $249, and $299, respectively

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