Kapro Tools 350 Pipe Level Set

Kapro Pipe Level Clips Onto Pipe Easily and Securely

V-groove magnetic levels might have been the historic solution to leveling your pipes, but they haven’t been without their challenges. They don’t always hold well, and it seems like they hit the ground as soon as you take your attention off of them for a second. That’s why the inexpensive Kapro Tools Pipe Level Set makes so much sense. These levels clip onto your metal, PVC, copper, conduit, and all other metallic and non-metallic pipes for a completely hands-free solution.

Kapro on the Pipe Level Set

We designed the 350 Pipe Levels so that tradespeople can multitask and use other tools while being able to hold a pipe with just one hand. The result is a very simple, yet handy tool that improves productivity and accuracy in the field.

Gal Wollach, vice president of business development at Kapro Tools

Key Features

The Kapro 350 Pipe Level Set can work with any pipes between 1/2″ and 2″. They come spring-loaded so that they clip onto any standard pipe. With the levels keeping themselves in place, you’re free to use your hands for important parts of the job. Kapro claims these levels can improve the accuracy and speed of anyone in the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC fields in particular.

Each of the levels includes both a horizontal and a vertical vial. The horizontal vial in each level includes 2% sloping lines as well.

Though it seems unlikely, even if these pipe levels fall from height, they should easily survive the impact. Kapro constructed them from a tough yet flexible polymer extrusion.


You can pick up the Kapro 350 Pipe Level Set for around $18.99. It comes with 5 pipe levels to accommodate your various pipe sizes. You can purchase the set from Kapro’s website, which you can find by clicking here, or from anywhere else Kapro tools are sold.

Kapro 350 Pipe Level Set at a Glance

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