Klein Full Frame Gasket Safety Glasses

Klein Full Frame Gasket Safety Glasses

Keep Dirt and Debris Out of Your Eyes with Klein Gasket Safety Glasses

Someone has to do the world’s dirty jobs, but your eyes shouldn’t suffer because of it. Many safety glasses you’ll find on the market don’t include a gasket to protect your eyes from the dirt and debris that comes with being on the jobsite. Find out how the Klein Gasket Safety Glasses provide an extra layer of security to help keep you protected.

Klein Gasket Safety Glasses: The Big Deal

These glasses feature a foam inner gasket and nylon strap that double to create a tight, comfortable seal around your eyes. The gasket and strap are removable, so if you’re not doing work that requires that level of eye protection, they can easily come off. This also makes them replaceable if you ever need to purchase another gasket.

Klein Gasket Safety Glasses

These glasses have polycarbonate lenses that provide scratch resistance and clarity thanks to their durable anti-fog coating. Additionally, the lenses were tested for minimal distortion to ensure uncompromised vision on the job.

The Klein Gasket Safety Glasses are also impact-protection tested to the latest ANSI and CSA eyewear standards. On top of that, they provide UV protection that effectively blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays. You have the choice between clear or shaded lenses, which helps if you’re working outside in the sun all day.

Additional Features

  • Available in clear or tinted lens style
  • Includes a microfiber storage pouch that doubles as a cleaning cloth
  • Non-slip rubber nose piece and temple tips for a secure fit
  • Optional breakaway lanyard, hard case, and replacement gasket/strap sold separately


Both models of Klein Gasket Safety Glasses (shaded or clear) retail for $15.99. Klein also sells replacement gaskets and straps, which retail for $3.99. Klein backs your purchase with a lifetime warranty.


  • Model: Klein Tools 60470 / 60471
  • Weight: 0.08 lbs
  • Frame material: Plastic

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