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Bollé Safety Glasses With Platinum Lens Technology

Bollé Safety Glasses With Platinum Lens Technology

Bollé Expands Lens Options Include Platinum Tech in More Glasses Lens fog and scratches are two of the worst aspects of wearing safety glasses. They can obstruct your view and make your experience all the more frustrating. Bollé hopes to change that by expanding its Platinum lens line of safety glasses. We got our hands […]

how to pass an OSHA inspection

How to Pass an OSHA Inspection

A lot of attention surrounded the OSHA fall protection requirements that went into effect back in June of 2011. Smaller contractors still aren’t clear on how to best navigate the myriad of safety precautions. Fall safety and silica dust regulations seem to be more stringently enforced by the agency these days. Really there are (at […]

Milwaukee Safety Glasses

Milwaukee Safety Glasses and Lenses Explained

Milwaukee has a pretty deep lineup of Safety Glasses available, all of which are designed to keep you safe and productive on the jobsite. They fall under the Milwaukee PPE line of personal protection products which includes vests, Milwaukee lighting, safety gloves, banded earplugs, and more. Milwaukee safety glasses include models with anti-scratch lenses, fog-free […]

OSHA impact rated contact lenses

OSHA Impact Rated Contact Lenses Expect Approval

In a surprise move, OSHA is expected to approve impact rated contact lenses that meet the current Z87 impact requirements. New lenses that meet the standard will officially be listed under OSHA 20170401.Z87C. Lenses that exceed the impact standards will be able to carry a “Z87C+” designation. This is the same designation listed for typical […]

Radians Safety Glasses

Radians Safety Glasses: Polarized and Interchangeable

When DeWalt introduced me to the Radians group that handles their personal protection equipment (PPE) line, I was completely unprepared for what I would find. Although in hindsight, it’s easy to understand why DeWalt works with them. We originally looked at a couple of solutions for hearing protection and now it’s time to dig deeper into Radians […]

Rockler Bench Dog Soundshield Safety Glasses

Rockler Bench Dog Soundshield Safety Glasses

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has announced the addition of the Rockler Bench Dog Soundshield Safety Glasses to their selection of safety equipment. The glasses combine protective eye lenses with specially designed earplugs that are tethered to the frame by cords. This keeps your eye and ear protection in one unit. Rockler Bench Dog Soundshield Safety Glasses feature […]

Edge Eyewear

A Closer Look at Eye Protection with Edge Eyewear

Eye Protection: What it Needs to Be and What it’s Free to Be No matter if you’re on an indoor or outdoor jobsite, eye protection is mandatory. I spent a summer working for a power company. There’s one thing I learned about eye protection there – it is required to be butt ugly. But does it […]

Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses Review

When you think about work clothing you may not readily include one item that I find absolutely essential: safety glasses. Fortunately, the new generation of glasses look nothing like they did a couple decades ago. Back then stylishness apparently didn’t make the top 10 lists of manufacturers who were designing products primarily to protect your […]

Combo Glasses Review - Safety Glasses with Earplugs

Combo Glasses Review – Safety Glasses with Earplugs

We wonder if Jake Wadsworth also invented the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, because the combination of ear and eye protection available in the Combo Glasses makes so much sense, we’re surprised it hasn’t been tried before. With a product like this you’d expect there to be some debilitating compromise in either the wearability of the glasses, or the usability of the ear plugs. After much testing and use, we’d have to say that the Combo Glasses come through smelling pretty clean on both counts. On top of that, the glasses are usable in any combination of modes: eye-only, ear-only, or in combination.

3M TEKK Protection Advocacy Campaign

3M TEKK Protection Advocacy Campaign

The 3M TEKK Protection Brand is kicking off an advocacy campaign to educate consumers and remind DIY enthusiasts to be responsible when taking on projects. The company says that that there are over 40 million active DIYers in the United States which will take on 57 million home improvement projects in the next year. These projects can range in difficulty from […]