Wiley X Founder Sunglasses Review – Safety, Comfort, and Clarity

Wiley X Founder Sunglasses Review

Wiley X Founder sunglasses are among the new styles rolling out in 2024. I was able to get my hands on a pair and have been using them for a wide range of outdoor activities and work. The pair I’ve been wearing features a Matte Graphite frame with WX’s high-end Captivate Polarized Green Mirror lenses.

I’m a big fan of Wiley X because their lenses offer ANSI Z87.1 safety protection across the board and combine them with excellent clarity. Considering our focus on the power tool industry and my passion for outdoor recreation, it’s a win-win. Let’s dive in and see if the Founder is the right combination for you as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent lens clarity
  • Durable frame
  • Comfortable wear
  • ANSI Z87.1 safety rating


  • More expensive than most safety glasses

Wiley X Founder Sunglasses – What They Say

Wiley X was founded by U.S. Army Veteran Myles Freeman Sr., and the Founder is designed to honor him and provide you with advanced eye protection at the same time. Seeking to earn their place as your favorite accessory, the glasses feature maximum eye protection and a bold, standout silhouette.

From a broad view, these are for people who want to make a statement without compromising clarity and safety. The lenses meet ANSI Z87.1 safety standards and the glasses include side shields for environments that require them. They also feature 100% UVA/UVB protection while eliminating distortion.

The frame is designed to be lightweight and includes dual-injected rubber temples to improve your comfort during wear. They’re also prescription-ready for those of you (like me) whose eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

Wiley X Founder Sunglasses – What We Say

Wiley X Founder Sunglasses

The very first thing I noticed when I put these glasses on is how light they are. I love the clarity of glass lens sunglasses, but they’re heavy and slip down my nose, especially when I’m sweating. But even compared to my Costa Tuna Alleys with poly lenses, the Founder is lighter. Weighing just one ounce on the nose, it’s a noticeable difference.

If you’re new to Wiley X, you might be surprised at how flexible the frame is. It’s partly why my P-17 frame (my favorite sunglasses ever) survived being run over by a Silverado on a foggy morning bike ride. At the same time, the frame sits securely on my face. Between the way the ends wrap around behind my ears and the rubber temples reducing slippage, they don’t budge, even during intense activity.


At first glance, the height of the frame makes it seem like these would be best suited for large faces. However, I typically go for a medium frame, and the fit is great. So, if you’re going for a bolder look or prefer greater eye coverage, the Wiley X Founder is a solid pick.

WX’s Captivate polarized lenses complete the picture. For plastic lenses, the clarity is impressive. They’re not quite as clear as the glass lenses on my Fin-Nor Cleats, but they’re not far off and they’re a heck of a lot lighter.

The characteristics of the Captivate Green Mirror lens also happen to be perfect for the way I fish. They have a copper base that gives a brownish tint to the world around you. On the water, the polarization cuts through the glare, while the color pops the contrast, letting me easily see potholes in the grass on the flats where redfish, snook, and trout like to ambush prey.

Wiley X Founder Sunglasses Price

There are currently six configurations for this model. Each one comes with ANSI Z87.1 side shields, a zippered case, and microfiber drawstring bag.

  • Matte Black and Tan Frame/Captivate Tungsten Mirror Lens: $150
  • Matte Graphite Frame/Captivate Polarized Green Mirror Lens: $206 (pictured)
  • Gloss Crystal Grey Frame/Captivate Polarized Blue Mirror Lens: $206
  • Gloss Crystal Clear Polished Black Frame/Clear Lens: $180
  • Matte Black Frame/Captivate Grey Lens: $140
  • Matte Black Frame/Captivate Polarized Black Mirror Lens: $206

The Bottom Line

Wiley X Founder sunglasses embody everything I love about the brand. They’re lightweight, comfortable, offer the safety that’s required on jobsites, and have they durability I’m want for the active lifestyle I lead. The quality of frame and lenses certainly won’t disappoint you. The final call boils down to whether it’s a style you prefer or not.

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