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Combo Glasses Review - Safety Glasses with Earplugs

Combo Glasses Review – Safety Glasses with Earplugs

We wonder if Jake Wadsworth also invented the Reese’s Peanut Butter cup, because the combination of ear and eye protection available in the Combo Glasses makes so much sense, we’re surprised it hasn’t been tried before. With a product like this you’d expect there to be some debilitating compromise in either the wearability of the glasses, or the usability of the ear plugs. After much testing and use, we’d have to say that the Combo Glasses come through smelling pretty clean on both counts. On top of that, the glasses are usable in any combination of modes: eye-only, ear-only, or in combination.

Crossfire Protective Eyewear Review

Crossfire Protective Eyewear Review

Whoever said that safety glasses look dorky obviously never saw the safety glasses that Crossfire Protective Eyewear produces. Their glasses offer the looks of high-end sunglasses but with ANSI-level bullet-proof safety features. They are literally bullet-proof, at least according to their literature. With a claim like that, we definitely had to take these to the shooting range just to see how well they performed.

Edge Dakura Blue Mirror Lens Safety Glasses Review

Edge Dakura Safety Glasses with Blue Mirror Lenses Review

With premium features that won’t break the bank, Edge Dakura Blue Mirror Lens Safety Glasses provide the protection you need in a look that is more on par with high end sporty sun glasses. Things like a scratch resistant coating and anti-fog treatment to the polycarbonate lens is what helps to set these apart from what you might expect for safety glasses.

DeWalt Protector safety glasses

DeWalt Protector Safety Glasses Review

Safety glasses. If you do any kind of projects around the house – be it woodworking, tile, or any kind of remodeling – you need a decent pair of safety glasses. Dewalt’s DPG54-1C safety glasses do several things right: they fit well, they don’t distort what comes through the lenses and they wrap around the sides for ample protection. Now, with that said, I have a very small head and they fit me just fine. For larger heads these glasses may come up a bit short and may be a tad too tight over the ears.