July 23, 2021

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Klein Tools Kicks Off National Safety Month With PPE Focus

Klein Tools Kicks Off National Safety Month With PPE Focus

Klein Tools has been in the business of making hand tools for trade professionals since 1857. Over the last several years, however, the company has expanded its manufacturing efforts to include power tools, test and measurement devices, and personal protective equipment (PPE). We worked with them recently to bring you some updated information on what they offer, what’s coming, and to get their perspective on PPE safety.

“The biggest focus of Klein’s expansion into the field of PPE was offering our customers something that is made specifically with their trades in mind. As many brands as there are offering personal protective equipment, we knew that we needed to design products with distinguishing features that would stand up to keeping our customers safe in the tough conditions they encounter, and live up to the quality standards that customers have come to expect from Klein Tools.”

Mark Klein, President of Klein Tools

Klein Personal Protective Equipment Expansion

Klein’s line of PPE has grown to include hard hats, gloves, safety vests, knee pads, and more. It’s not just a matter of throwing a Klein logo on standard PPE and calling it a day. Klein’s engineering and design teams specifically develop them with tradesmen in mind and look for ways to add features that make a difference on the job site.

Hard Hats

Klein Tools Hard Hat with Headlamp 60113 Review

Klein Tools has made gloves for a while now, but recently, the company made its first big push into expanding their PPE line to include hard hats. 10 models cover Class C with adjustable vents and Class E in orange or white with both full-brim and cap styles.

They’re easy to adjust (even without taking them off) and have a comfortable, open-frame suspension with sweat-wicking and anti-microbial/odor-resistant pads. Certified for forward and reverse wear, they’re also ponytail and bandana-friendly.

Klein takes things an extra step by integrating a headlamp mount that eliminates the frustrations of a sliding elastic strap.

New Gloves

Klein Leather Gloves

Adding to the glove lineup in 2020, Klein’s new Leather Gloves (60188) use professional-grade goatskin leather with an EVA foam for comfort. They also include a mesh back and an ergonomic shape to provide excellent movement and breathability.

Moving into cut-resistant gloves, new Cut 2 and Cut 4 Touchscreen gloves feature touchscreen-capable fingertips to keep you protected while still allowing you to stay connected. If you’re in a position where you have to remove a glove every time you get a call or text, or to access files on your tablet, you know how much a touchscreen-friendly glove is worth. Additionally, seamless knit cuffs give you a more comfortable fit and nitrile dip technology secures your grip.

New Safety Vests

Klein High-Visibility Reflective Vest

Klein’s High Visibility Reflective Vest (60269) takes on the challenge of covering the visibility, comfort, and carrying needs of Pros. Lightweight and breathable in construction, the vest enhances visibility with 2-inch retro-reflective strips over its green color and meets ANSI/ISEA 107-2015, Type R, Class 2 requirements.

They feature two large interior pockets and four exterior pockets, including one with a hook and loop closure to keep items secure. These give the vest plenty of space to carry pencils and pocket tools.

Breathable mesh fabric over the back improves airflow and comfort, and a zipper closure in front gives a more secure fit than a pullover or hook and loop closure.

New Knee Pads

Klein Gel Knee Pads

Klein’s Lightweight Gel Knee Pads (60184) tackle comfort and safety with slip-resistant rubber caps to grip kneeling surfaces for better stability and balance when you’re climbing and crawling.

Gel and EVA foam cushioning in the knees help disperse pressure while kneeling and help reduce fatigue better than standard knee pads. They also feature a webbed bottom strap and an elastic top strap that adjusts to give you the most comfortable fit throughout the day.

But Wait, There’s More!

Klein Cooling Gear

In addition to the current Klein Tools PPE expansion, the company has several more items set to launch throughout the duration of 2020.

There’s a nice range of cooling gear—towels, durags, hardhat liners, and more.

And there’s plenty more in the pipeline. In talking to Klein, it’s clear PPE is an area they’re committed to expanding in meaningful ways to keep you safe and help you work more comfortably.

Keep your eye on Klein’s Personal Protection & Safety site for the latest updates!

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