Knipex TubiX Pipe Cutter with Deburring Tool

Knipex Tubix Pipe Cutter

Clean Cuts in Seconds

The Knipex Tubix Pipe Cutter caught our attention this week and looks like a fresh take on an old idea. The lightweight magnesium tool lets you make clean, one-handed cuts in 1/4″ to 1-3/8″ copper, brass, and stainless steel pipe. It also gives you a built-in tool for deburring fresh cuts on the spot.

10-Second Summary

  • Model: Knipex Tubix 90 31 02
  • Cuts copper, brass, and stainless steel pipe from 1/4″ to 1-3/8″
  • QuickLock offers quick, single-handed adjustment and precise positioning on pipe
  • Features high-grade ball-bearing steel cutting wheel and guide rolls that run on needle bearings
  • Spare cutting wheel stores in handle
  • Includes removable deburring tool with a precision-ground blade
  • 7″ length
  • Magnesium body
  • Price: ~$60

Knipex on the Tubix Pipe Cutter

The TubiX was designed to be one of the fastest, most precise, and most user-friendly handheld pipe cutters on the market. Instead of needing two hands to tighten a traditional cutting wheel on a pipe, users can push the cutting wheel up to the pipe with one hand and make easy and precise cuts in seconds.

Peter A. Grable, product manager, Knipex Tools

Clean, Fast Cuts

The key feature on the Knipex Tubix is the QuickLock feature. This offers single-handed adjustment and precise positioning on the pipe in seconds. You simply fit the Tubix around your pipe and slide the cutting head up to the pipe with your thumb.

Knipex Tubix Pipe Cutter

Next, you twist the blue knob to increase the cutting pressure as you turn the cutting head around the pipe. Within seconds, the Tubix makes a clean cut precisely where you need it.

Cut Capacity and Ease of Use

This system looks to provide a great way to easily cut pipe to length on-site prior to installation. It tackles copper, brass, and stainless steel pipes between 1/4 and 1-3/8 inches in diameter.

Knipex designed the pipe cutter with a high-grade ball-bearing steel cutting wheel that’s spring-loaded to keep pressure applied to the pipe. Four guide rollers sit atop needle bearings to provide exceptionally smooth cutting action with minimal friction. This should prove particularly helpful with tougher cuts—like working with a stainless steel pipe. Knipex also includes a spare cutting wheel that stores away in the handle.

Knipex Tubix Pipe Cutter

Integrated Deburring Tool

Burrs happen. When they do, you can use the removable and replaceable deburring tool to take care of them. The deburring tool features a precision ground blade that slides out of your way when you don’t need it. It flips out for quick use, or you can remove it completely as needed.

The Knipex Tubix Pipe Cutter measures just 7 inches. This length stays constant, even when making adjustments. You won’t need an extension to accommodate larger pipe diameters during the process either. Obviously, you still need a good set of close-quarters tubing cutters for in-place cuts, but we like this system for pre-cutting pipes of all kinds.


You can find the Knipex Tubix Pipe Cutter for around $60 from various retailers. You can also pick up replacement parts like the cutting wheel and deburring tool as needed.

Learn more about the 90 31 02 Knipex Pipe Cutter by clicking here.

Knipex Tubix Specs

  • Model: Knipex 90 31 02
  • Length: 7 in.
  • Body material: Magnesium
  • Cuts: Copper, Brass, and Stainless Steel pipes between 1/4 in. and 1-3/8 in.
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Price: ~$60

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