Lenox Wave Edge Reciprocating Saw Blades

Lenox Wave Edge Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

Lenox’s Wave Edge Blade Design Offers More Cuts And Extends Blade Life

Getting more bang for your buck is important in today’s day and age. Lenox Wave Edge reciprocating saw blades are aiming to give you just that with increased blade life expectancy. Better yet, Lenox tells us that all of these saws are made in the USA with global materials. We took a look at these blades to find show you how they stand out from the rest.

Lenox Wave Edge Reciprocating Saw Blades: The Big Deal

Lenox Wave Edge Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

The cutting edge of Lenox Wave Edge blades has light crests and troughs traveling the length along with a 3-stage tooth formation. The benefit is that these bi-metal blades claims up to 50% longer life when you compare it to the prior blade generation of bi-metal blades.

Lenox also has four reciprocating saw blade classes they’re branding in the bi-metal category: MetalWolf, MultiWolf, DemoWolf, and LumberWolf. Three of these feature Wave Edge technology.

The MetalWolf blade is ideal for making quick cuts through a range of metal types and gauges.

MultiWolf blades perform cuts through a variety of materials such as metal, wood, and plastic.

The DemoWolf models are the go-to option for rigorous demolition applications.

Although the LumberWolf saws do not include Wave Edge technology, Lenox says they do provide aggressive cutting through dense nail-embedded wood.

Additionally, Lenox extended its Rapid Plunge technology to select LumberWolf and DemoWolf blades. Rapid Plunge uses a front tooth design to let you start plunge cuts easily.

Additional Features

  • Several length/TPI configurations for each blade type

Lenox Wave Edge Reciprocating Saw Blades Price

Since these blades all differ in their application, they all have different prices. Here’s a look at the 5-pack prices.

  • MetalWolf Wave Edge: $21.99 (6-inch, 18 TPI)
  • MultiWolf Wave Edge: $26.99 (8-inch, 10 TPI)
  • DemoWolf Wave Edge: $34.99 (9-inch, 6 TPI)
  • LumberWolf: $32.97 (9-inch, 6 TPI)

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