Makita Cordless/Corded Vacuum Announced

Makita Cordless/Corded Vacuum Announced

Makita recently announced the new 18V X2 LXT (36V) 2.1 Gallon Three-Stage HEPA Filter Dry Vacuum XCV04Z (wow, that’s a mouthful!) that offers both corded and cordless operation. In cordless mode, the Makita Cordless/Corded Vacuum is powered by two 18V lithium-ion batteries and is capable of 74 CFM and 36-inches of water lifting suction. In corded mode, it’s capable of 127 CFM and 96-inches of water lift. It weighs in at 21.8 pounds including both batteries.

Makita Cordless Vacuum HEPA Filtering

The three-stage HEPA system on this Makita cordless vacuum consists of a pre-filter bag, damper filter, and main filter. A 19.7-foot power cord combined with the anti-static hoses (1-1/2-inch x 8-foot or 1-inch x 11-1/2-foot, both included) provides up to a 30-foot reach.

Other notable features include an oversize on-off switch, variable speed control dial, dual L.E.D. battery indicators, quick-release metal latches, a large rubber bumper, rear casters with locking levers, and Star Protection computer controls. Star Protection is a communication technology that allows the tool and battery to exchange data in real-time protect against overloading, over-discharging, and overheating. The noise level with cordless operation is 75 dB(A) and slightly less in cordless mode at 64 dB(A).

“Makita 18 Volt X2 technology gives contractors the ultimate in performance and convenience. Instead of managing multiple battery platforms or investing in much larger and heavier higher-voltage batteries, Makita 18V X2 tools allow contractors to use two 18V batteries to take on the most demanding applications. The 18 Volt batteries used in the XCV04Z are the same 18 Volt batteries a contractor will use on their Makita drill, impact driver, and over 150 other Makita cordless tools. No other cordless tool platform can offer this.”

Carlos Quintana, Senior Product Manager, Cordless Products, Makita USA.

Our Take

Makita Cordless/Corded Vacuum Announced

We knew someone had to come up with a Lithium-ion dust extractor before too much more time went by and Makita looks to be first to the punch with this class. There are other cordless vacs out there that work great in small spaces and are lightweight, but getting the suction power to use with a tool instead of after it is another story.

Suction and Runtime

Many of the dust extractors we use are in the 130–150 CFM range, so the Makita XCV04Z cordless vacuum should work well attached directly to a tool when plugged in. On battery power, 74 CFM is going to be pretty light for direct extraction, but still more than effective with the attachments to clean up the workspace without being tethered to a cord.

65 minutes of run time is quite a bit and I have to wonder what the trade-off would be to drop run time for the sake of power. My guess is that it would be too short to be beneficial if they were to boost power into that 130 CFM range. Regardless, the Makita Cordless/Corded Vacuum should turn heads with good reason.

Makita Cordless/Corded Vacuum Specifications

  • Model number: Makita XCV04Z (tool only)
  • Powe Source: Two 18V LXT battery packs or AC 120V
  • Amps (120V): 9.2
  • Airflow rate: 127 CFM (AC), 74 (battery)
  • Static water lift: 96 inches (AC), 36 inches (battery)
  • HEPA filters available: Yes
  • Gross container size: 2.1 gallons
  • Working sound level: 75 dB(A) (AC), 64 dB(A) (battery)
  • Continuous use (max, in minutes): 65
  • Cord length: 19-feet
  • Net weight with batteries: 21.8 pounds
  • Includes: Vacuum, Straight Tube, Curved Tube, Crevice Tool, Anti-Static Hose (1-1/2” x 8’), HEPA Filter, Plastic Disposal Bag 10/pk, Damper Filter, Floor Nozzle, Anti-static Hose (1” x 11’), (2) Tool Cuff Adapter, Pre-Filter
  • Price: $679
  • Warranty: 3 years

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