April 22, 2021

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Makita Black Friday Deals for 2020

Makita Black Friday Deals

If You Like Tools, These Makita Black Friday Deals Will Rock Your World

All of the 2020 Makita Black Friday deals are live, and some of them are downright amazing! As always, you can grab discounts on batteries and tool combo kits, but even individual tools show dramatic savings for those looking to expand the collection of Makita tools. Here’s what you can snag online now.

Makita XSR01PT 18V X2 Brushless Rear Handle Circular Saw: $349 $249

Makita XSR01 18V X2 Brushless Rear-Handle Circular Saw Review

We found the Makita XSR01 rear handle circular saw to be the best circular saw for cut capacity. This 36V saw is by far the most adept and nimble cordless rear-handle on the market. It gets even better when we realized it also has the most cutting depth of all 7-1/4″ saws we tested. If you need to cut through 3x lumber, the Makita XSR01 remains your best tool. It cuts up to 2-9/16 inches deep at 90º.

Makita XBU03 Brushless Blower 2-Battery Kit: $267 $179

Makita XBU03 X2 brushless blower

The Makita XBU03 brushless blower is a real crowd-pleaser for our team. Its performance matches what we expect from a 116 MPH blower that pushes 459 CFM. It also feels ergonomic. The kicker, however, is that you can pick up this kit on Black Friday with two 5Ah batteries and a charger for less than what the single battery kit costs typically!

Makita XT613X1 6-Piece Combo Kit: $599 $499

Makita Black Friday Deals XT613X1 6-Piece Combo Kit

For someone that’s been really good this year (or because YOU deserve it!), check out this Makita 6-tool combo kit. It’s a combo that includes a brushless 1/2″ drill with two speed settings, a brushless impact driver with 1,500 in-lbs. of max torque, a brushless 6-1/2″ circular saw, multi-tool, LED flashlight, and a radio. It’s a one-stop solution for a wide range of applications. The kit includes two 18V LXT 3.0Ah batteries and the efficient Rapid Optimum Charger.

Did We Miss any Makita Black Friday Deals?

Did we miss any Makita Black Friday deals? If so, let us know in the comments below. However, just in case, we also left you a couple of links to ALL the Makita Black Friday deals at both Acme Tools and Amazon. Check those out if these deals don’t strike your fancy.

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