Makita XGT 40V and 80V Power Tools – What You Should Know

Makita XGT 40V Max tools technology

Makita deployed over 50 new cordless power tools in their 40V Max and 80V Max XGT System. The company tells us that Makita XGT technology specifically covers the top-end 15% of tools. Those are the tools that fall just outside the practical capabilities of 18V systems.

Makita XGT Tools with Protection Against Weather

They also engineered these tools for durability, and we spotted some features designed to minimize damage and protect your tools. That includes reinforced outer casings and batteries that include a cell holder to create some space within the pack. It looks to aid in cooling but it also absorbs impact energy if the battery gets dropped.

The batteries on these new tools also include features that protect them against water and dust. All together, Makita XGT technology looks made for handling outside work in unpredictable weather or in wet conditions that often accompany pipework.

Makita XGT GWT01 40V impact wrench

50 New Makita XGT Tools to Start

New 40V Max XGT tools include, among other things, new SDS-Plus and SDS-Max rotary hammers, a 15-pound demo hammer, and three new circular saws.

One impressive mention included a 10-1/4″ circular saw which should make quick work of 4x4s.

GSR02 40V 10-in circular saw

They also announced a brushless reciprocating saw and a pending 8-1/2″ sliding miter saw.

Makita 40V cordless miter saw

We also see they released 5 angle grinders with two more on the way. 

Makita XGT GAG04 40V grinder

There’s more—so much more—4 new Makita 40V Max impact wrenches and drivers with a couple of mid-torque tools pending.

GWT01 40V Max impact wrench

Four drills and hammer drills plus an impact driver mean that Makita XGT technology also doesn’t force you to bring along LXT tools for handling basic tasks.

Plus a fan, radios, and LED lights… As we said, Makita plans to debut these new tools with 50 products and plans for a whole lot more.

80V Max (40V Max X2) Cordless Technology

Tackling the ultra-high power end of the spectrum, 40V Max X2 products use two batteries to operate at 80V Max. These tools include a 2″ SDS-Max rotary hammer and a 29lb demo hammer. And, apparently, that’s just the start of what Makita XGT technology can accomplish. We expect a lot of heavier-duty Makita 80V Max tools to hit the market over the next year.

Currently-planned future products will include dust extractors with suction power that goes beyond 75 CFM, a 9-inch power cutter, concrete vibrators, metal-cutting saws, mag drills, shear wrenches, and more. We chatted with Makita, and they seem really excited about the possibilities 40V Max and the X2 80V Max XGT tools platform gives them. 

XGT 40V Max Batteries and Charging Times

One of the main goals Makita has with XGT is providing more power, but without users having to buy big, heavy, slow charging batteries for use on a limited amount of tools. With XGT launching alongside 50 products, I’d say they’re off to a solid start. 

But what about those charge times? Well, Makita is launching CGT with three battery packs. The 40V Max 2.5Ah battery reaches full charge in just 28 minutes—or you can get it to 80% in 19 minutes. Their 4Ah pack charges in just 45 minutes, reaching 80% in just 31 minutes. 

Makita XGT Battery Pack Charge Times:

  • BL4025 2.5Ah battery – 28 minutes (80% in 19 minutes) – $149
  • BL4040 4Ah pack – 45 minutes (80% in just 31 minutes) – $199
  • BL4050 5Ah pack – 50 minutes

Makita XGT Battery Chargers:

  • DC40RA 40V max Rapid Optimum Charger – $119
  • DC40RB 40V max Dual Rapid Optimum Charger –
  • ADP10 40V max XGT to 18V LXT Adapter for DC40RA Charger – $34.99

How does it do this? In addition to using sophisticated electronics to monitor the charging process, their battery chargers pull air in from the outside using one fan and blow it through the battery using another. This not only helps the packs charge more quickly, but it also ensures they don’t have to sit on the charger for a long time before cooling down enough to begin the process. 

Makita 40V Max batteries
To get a sense of scale on how these batteries stack up next to each other…

Makita ADP10 Battery Adapter Charges 18V LXT Packs

They also plan to bring the ADP10 adapter to market that lets you charge your LXT 18V batteries on these new chargers. 

ADP10 LXT 18V battery adapter

You can also look forward to a 5Ah battery and dual charger to follow the initial launch.

Makita XGT 40V Max Cordless Rotary & Demo Hammers

  • GRH01M1 40V XGT Brushless 1-1/8″ AVT SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Kit –
  • GRH02M1 40V XGT Brushless 1-1/8″ AVT SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Kit –
  • GRH05M1 40V XGT Brushless 1-9/16″ SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Kit –
  • GMH01M1 40V XGT Brushless 15lb SDS-Max Demo Hammer Kit –

Makita XGT 40V Max Cordless Saws

  • GSR02M1 40V XGT Brushless 10-1/4″ Rear Handle Circ Saw Kit – $499
  • GSR01Z 40V XGT Brushless 7-1/4″ Rear Handle Circ Saw – $239
  • GSH01M1 40V XGT Brushless 7-1/4″ Top Handle Circ Saw Kit –
  • GRJ01M1 40V XGT Brushless Reciprocating Saw Kit – $379
  • GSL02M1 40V XGT Brushless 8-1/2″ Slide Compound Miter Saw Kit –

XGT 40V Max Cordless Grinders

  • GAG01M1 40V XGT Brushless 4-1/2″–5″ Angle Grinder Kit w/Brake – $379
  • GAG03M1 40V XGT Brushless 4-1/2″–5″ Paddle Switch Angle Grinder Kit w/Brake – $399
  • GAG04M1 40V XGT Brushless 4-1/2″–5″ Angle Grinder Kit w/AWS & Brake – $399
  • GAG06M1 40V XGT Brushless 4-1/2″–5″ Paddle Switch Angle Grinder Kit w/AWS & Brake – $409
  • GAG10M1 40V XGT Brushless 7″/9″ Paddle Switch Angle Grinder Kit w/Brake – $469
  • GAG07Z 40V XGT Brushless 6″ Angle Grinder w/Brake –
  • GAG08Z 40V XGT Brushless 6″ Paddle Switch Angle Grinder w/Brake –

Makita XGT 40V Max Cordless Impact Tools

  • GWT01D 40V XGT Brushless 4-Speed High-Torque 3/4″ Impact Wrench Kit – $599
  • GWT04D 40V XGT Brushless 4-Speed 1/2″ Impact Wrench Kit – $469
  • GWT05D 40V XGT Brushless 4-Speed 1/2″ Impact Wrench Kit w/Detent Anvil – $469
  • GDT01D 40V XGT Brushless 4-Speed Impact Driver Kit – $399
  • GWT08D 40V XGT Brushless 4-Speed Mid-Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench Kit w/Detent Anvil –
  • GWT07D 40V XGT Brushless 4-Speed Mid-Torque 1/2″ Impact Wrench Kit –

Makita XGT 40V Max Cordless Drills

  • GFD01D 40V XGT Brushless 1/2″ Drill-Driver Kit – $389
  • GPH01D 40V XGT Brushless 1/2″ Hammer Drill-Driver Kit – $399
  • GFD02D 40V XGT Compact Brushless 1/2″ Drill-Driver Kit – $329
  • GPH02D 40V XGT Compact Brushless 1/2″ Hammer Drill-Driver Kit –

More 40V Max Tools

  • CF001GZ 40V max XGT Brushless 9-1/4″ Fan –
  • GRM01 40V XGT Job Site Radio –
  • GRM02 40V XGT Bluetooth Job Site Radio –
  • ML002G 40V LED Lanter/Flashlight –
  • ML001G 40V LED Flashlight –

Makita XGT 80V Max (40V X2) Cordless Rotary & Demo Hammers

  • GRH06PM 80V XGT Brushless 2″ AVT SDS-Max Rotary Hammer Kit – $679
  • GMH02PM 80V XGT Brushless 29lb AVT SDS-Max Demo Hammer Kit- $679

Wrapping It Up

Makita XGT seems to have a lot going for it—and the company is claiming it will Outpower, Outsmart, and Outlast the competition—seemingly referring to both cordless and gas power tools. Innovation almost always benefits consumers—especially on the Pro side—so we’re excited to see how the market responds to these new tools.

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