April 22, 2021

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battery technology

How Do Battery Cells Affect Power Tools? Video Review

How Do Battery Cells Affect Power Tools? Video Review

Around here, we primarily focus on the tools and gear surrounding the construction industry. That makes the 21700 vs 18650 lithium-ion battery cell conversations incredibly relevant to us. After all, these lithium-ion power sources reach far beyond the latest cordless tools. They’re driving innovation in Teslas, hoverboards, the vaping community, and so much more. 21700 […]

Makita XGT 40V Max tools technology

Makita 40V and 80V XGT Tools and Technology

Makita deployed over 50 new cordless power tools in their 40V Max and 80V Max XGT System. The company tells us that Makita XGT technology specifically covers the top-end 15% of tools. Those are the tools that fall just outside the practical capabilities of 18V systems. Makita XGT Tools with Protection Against Weather They also […]

Why Cheap No-name Power Tools Might Not Be Such a Great Deal

Why Cheap No-name Power Tools Might Not Be Such a Great Deal

So everyone likes a deal, right? Especially when you see those fantastic fliers with the ads for cheap no-name power tools for $19.95. We’ve seen that price for an 18V power drill with battery and charger. I mean, it’s lithium-ion—how bad could it be? Well, while $20 isn’t exactly a huge investment. However, we have a good […]

Ridgid Octane 18V batteries

Are Loose Lithium-ion Battery Cells Dangerous?

The question comes up on the heels of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s warnings to avoid buying or using loose 18650 lithium-ion battery cells. The CPSC tells us that these cells are manufactured as industrial component parts of battery packs, and are not intended (at least by the original manufacturer) to be sold off […]

Metabo 10Ah LiHD Battery

Metabo 10Ah LiHD Battery

Metabo Busts Out the Big Battery Metalworkers have a good chance of knowing Metabo for their fine cordless and corded handheld power tools. Now, however, others might come to know them for a super-high-capacity battery. The Metabo 10Ah LiHD Battery marks the next step forward in battery tech for the company. It looks like a […]

original manufacturer power tool batteries

Why You Should Use Original Manufacturer Power Tool Batteries

We know it’s tempting to grab a third-party replacement battery online. We hear stories from people who let us know they’re just as good as the original at a much lower cost. But are they really? We’re teaming up with Power Tool Institute (PTI) and its Take Charge of Your Battery campaign to take a […]

CAT Power Tools

CAT Power Tools, Batteries, and Chargers

CAT Tools a Really Big Deal in Other Parts of the World Ever heard of CAT Power Tools? Well, we hadn’t either, but apparently it’s a real thing that exists, just not in the US…yet. It looks like the brand is closely associated with, and made by, Positec Group Limited, which also owns the Worx […]

Kobalt XTR 24V Tools

Kobalt XTR Technology – A Big Upgrade

By now you may have seen the new Kobalt XTR 24V tools in your local Lowes. The company claims the lineup offers 50 percent more power. Kobalt’s typically conservative marketing messages often let the tools’ performances do the talking. New tools featuring Kobalt XTR technology come with a bolder look and tone that stands out […]

DeWalt FlexVolt Vs Metabo HPT MultiVolt Battery

While the Advanced Battery Landscape is Expanding, Only Two Have Voltage-Switching Packs Most of the major professional power tool manufacturers now have some sort of advanced battery system on the market. Of those, only two take on the concept of switching voltages. We’re taking a look at the DeWalt FlexVolt vs Metabo HPT MultiVolt battery […]

Milwaukee MX FUEL System batteries

Milwaukee MX FUEL Equipment and Batteries | What You Need to Know

Milwaukee has long settled on a trade-focused approach to power tools. They also maintained a ton of consistency and backward-compatibility with their M18 FUEL tools. But what about light equipment? This includes tools that need more power and runtime than M18 currently delivers. Power cutters. Core drills. Bigger tools. To address this type of trade […]