Makita ConnectX System | Solving The Runtime Issue

Makita ConnectX 1200Wh Backpack Power Supply

Makita ConnectX System Expands Battery-Powered Possibilities with Extreme Capacity

The big news coming out of GIE 2021 was the Makita ConnectX system. It’s a solution targeting the runtime concerns in professional battery-powered lawn care equipment.

Makita ConnectX Backpack Power Supply PDC01

Makita PDC01 Backpack Battery Supply

While it didn’t carry the ConnectX name at the time, the first element came out a while ago. The Makita PDC01 Portable Backpack Power Supply carries four 18V LXT batteries and uses dummy pack adapters to run the tools. Using 6.0Ah batteries, you can carry up to 432Wh of capacity for the job at hand.

As the most versatile power supply in Makita’s line, it’s capable of running ConnectX, 18V LXT, 18V X2 LXT, and 40V max XGT tools.

Makita ConnectX Backpack Battery Power Supply PDC1200A01

Launching into the most recent part of the ConnectX family, a battery backpack serves as the high-capacity power source for ConnectX, 18V X2 LXT, and 40V max XGT tools. With 1200Wh available, it offers Makita 36V/40V max products 33.3Ah!

While it bridges the gap between LXT and XGT, it’s a true 36V battery, so it won’t run 18V LXT or 80V max XGT tools.

The backpack is designed to work with ConnectX tools using a direct connection. If you want to run those LXT or XGT tools, you need the appropriate battery pack adapter to make it happen.

Makita ConnectX Lawn Care Equipment

At the moment, there are three ConnectX tools coming soon to a Makita retailer near you. All three connect directly with the ConnectX backpack battery.

21-Inch Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

The Makita ConnectX lawn mower is an incredibly compelling solution for lawn care Pros. It has a 21-inch steel deck with a self-propelled drive and high-grip rubberized tires.

It’s similar to the XML08 in its overall look and feel. Where it departs is that the ConnectX battery backpack attaches directly to the top of the mower, and it’s a brilliant way to give it a ton of battery capacity!

Most professional crews use a walk-behind to hit the borders of the lawns they’re cutting while the zero-turn handles the majority of the cutting. In this application, the mower can provide two to three days’ worth of runtime.

17-Inch String Trimmer

One of the things we love about the Makita ConnectX string trimmer is that it gets the battery weight off of the tool. As a 36V product, that’s significant. In fact, the trimmer weighs less than 10 pounds (9.7 pounds).

Powered by a Makita-built brushless motor, the string trimmer is equivalent to a 30cc gas model with speeds up to 6000 RPM and a 17-inch cutting swath.

Use 0.080-inch line to get the best runtime or jump up to 0.095-inch if you need greater line mass in thicker grasses.

  • 4000/4600/6000 RPM
  • Automatic Torque Drive technology
  • Reverse rotation
  • Steel drive shaft
  • Weather-resistant design

622 CFM Blower

Like the string trimmer, the Makita ConnectX blower also benefits from moving the battery weight off of the tool. This one weighs a relatively featherweight 5.7 pounds.

It’s no slouch in performance, though, and can produce up to 622 CFM and 157 MPH. Here are some other highlights:

  • Up to 5 hours of runtime using the PDC1200A01 backpack battery
  • Cruise control lever
  • Downward pointing nozzle end
  • Weather-resistant design

More on the Way…

This is brand new and there are still some questions up in the air in terms of price and availability. We expect the full system in place at some point in 2022, but with all of the shipping issues we’re currently facing, it’s tough to get more specific than that at the moment. We should know more about retail pricing as the products get closer to launch.

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