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Manufacturer: Freud

Freud CNC Router Bits

Freud CNC Router Bits

Freud recently introduced 7 new Freud CNC router bits optimized for smaller machines making signs, decorative carvings, and detailed inlays in hardwoods, softwoods, aluminum, and plastics. The new bits, which add to the company’s extensive 400-bit offering, feature unique cutting geometries and Perma-Shield non-stick coating. Freud produces carbide for its own bits. “We recognized the fast-growing […]

Freud Premier Fusion

Freud Premier Fusion Saw Blades

NEW FREUD PREMIER FUSION BLADES PROMISE FASTER, MORE EFFICIENT CUTTING When it comes to power saw blades, Freud is typically near the center of the conversation. They are giving us more reason to talk about their products with the introduction of Freud Premier Fusion Blades. The blades feature a new innovation from the minds at Freud […]

Diablo reciprocating saw blades

Freud Diablo Flush Cut and Pruning Reciprocating Saw Blades

Freud added a couple more high-performance Diablo reciprocating saw blades to its line this week, including a Freud Diablo flush cut blade and a Freud Diablo pruning blade. These are two new specialty blades that come in 9-inch or 12-inch lengths and promise to take care of nail-embedded wood as well as fast and smooth cutting […]

Bosch Acquires Freud Accessories

Bosch Acquires Freud Accessories and Diablo

Bosch Power Tools has acquired parts of the Freud Group, particularly their power tool accessories business. In the accessories business, Freud generated sales of 100 million euros in 2007. Bosch has planned acquisition of the four Freud Group manufacturing sites in Italy, as well as of sales companies in North America, China, Italy, and the UK. Bosch feels that the Freud power tool accessories business is an excellent regional and technological addition to Bosch portfolio and the Pozzo family will continue to be involved in the business following the Bosch acquisition.