October 27, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: General Tools

PTIA test measurement

2013 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Test and Measurement

Test and measurement is a huge category, and it’s only fitting that we take a good hard look at what’s going on in that segment to see what’s new and innovative in the industry. The span is wide as well. From fluorescent lighting testers to multimeters to thermal imagers, good and innovative Test & Measurement tools have […]

PTIA hand tools

2013 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Hand Tools

It’s not only the humongous corded tools and fancy lithium-ion powered drills and chainsaws that matter. Innovation often comes in the form of simple hand tools. Except that there’s nothing “simple” about making an innovative hand tool. With less to play with, hand tools are among the more difficult products to improve. If just anyone could […]

General Predator IR Camera

General Tools Predator Infrared Camera Line

The General Tools Predator Infrared Camera Line isn’t necessarily named it after the 1980’s movie Predator, but it should be. That movie popularized the thought of infrared in the minds of consumers everywhere…and taught that covering ourselves in mud would foil any aliens trying to take aim and carry our skulls home as trophies. But I digress… General Tools has […]

General Tools Cable-Pipe Locator CL10

General Tools CL10 Cable & Pipe Locator

The General Tools CL10 Cable & Pipe Locator is a two-piece circuit and conduit tracer that will help you hunt down electrical cables and metallic, water, gas or drain pipes without ripping apart the walls. It can reveal metallic infrastructure up to 6.6 ft. (2m) behind walls, above ceilings or under floors. It also allows […]

Inspection Cameras Comparison Head to Head

If I’m being completely honest, reviewing digital inspection cameras or scopes is something I initially wanted to put into the hands of a licensed plumber. But then my brother-in-law and I tackled a large rewiring project, and I saw how handy they were in that application. Soon after that, another friend of mine asked to […]

General Tools RLD400 Digital Refrigerant Leak Detector Preview

TheGeneral Tools RLD400 Digital Refrigerant Leak Detector is made in America and seems like a great fit for those wanting to inspect and maintain mobile and stationary air conditioners, refrigerators, chillers and heat pumps. It meets SAE J2791 and J2913 standards and European standard EN14624. The RLD400 pinpoints refrigerant leaks and can prevent compressor, evaporator […]