Manufacturer: Porter-Cable

Our Porter-Cable tool reviews mostly deal with the newer tools brought to market in the past decade. Porter-Cable tools were well-known as Pro-focused back in the day. Now, however, they take a more value-approach to consumers. Quite honestly, they have a branding issue as consumers seek to understand where they fit against other popular manufacturers. Our most recent Porter-Cable tool reviews include the Porter-Cable 20V Max 18-gauge brad nailer and the Porter-Cable 20V Max 16-gauge finish nailer. We also looked at the Porter-Cable 20V Max brushless drill & impact driver. While we liked these tools, there is a lot of competition in the marketplace. Porter-Cable Tool Reviews with Hands-on Evaluations The Porter-Cable tool reviews below cover just about every new and existing tool made by the company. Porter-Cable is a brand with lots of tools and a decent category of products. From recip saws and circ saws to drills, drivers, flashlights, and vacuums, there’s a lot to choose from.

Porter-Cable PCE201 Corded 4.3-amp Impact Driver Preview

Porter-Cable PCE201 4.3-amp Impact Driver Preview

Porter-Cable is addressing the problem of needing the power of a cordless impact drivers, but for extended-use applications. They launched the 1/4-inch Hex 4.3-Amp PCE201 specifically to give tradesmen an option in the workplace. This impact driver is designed for deck builders, steel roofing installers and other tradesmen who complete numerous fastening applications in challenging workplaces (but who have easy access to power).

Porter-Cable 3-amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit PCE605K Preview

Porter-Cable 3-amp Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit PCE605K

We were impressed by Porter-Cable’s 12V and 18V Multi-tool’s which, most notably, use a tool-less blade change system. This week, the company launched a 3-amp Corded Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit (model PCE605K), which, with the right blade, should be able to cut through just about anything you put it against. Corded oscillating multi-tools are important in the market as they delivers both the performance needed for tougher applications, and also the endless run-time demanded by larger jobs.

Porter-Cable PCC581B 18V Infrared Thermometer Review

Porter-Cable PCC581B 18V Infrared Thermometer Review

Getting a quick and accurate bead on the temperature differential around an AC duct or a door can be a lifesaver for air mechanical technicians and energy efficiency specialists. While there are a lot of tools on the market that can help you do this, it’s nice to be able to reach for a familiar name – particularly when your shop is already equipped with compatible batteries and chargers. Recently Porter-Cable launched the PCC581B Infrared Thermometer, which comes as a bare tool, making it a great choice if you’re already vested in their 18V cordless platform. And if you’re not, Porter Cable also offers a 9V-powered version, the PCC582B. Both of these infrared thermometers incorporate a tri-color beam that indicates temperature changes visually along with the digital readout. When you pull the trigger, the thermometer takes a reference temperature reading while it projects a circular green beam onto the surface at which it is aimed. The projected beam colors change when a difference in temperature is detected as you scan it across an area. A blue beam identifies a cooler spot, and a red beam indicates a hotter area.

Porter Cable C1010 1-Gallon Quiet Trim Compressor Review

Porter-Cable C1010 1-Gallon Quiet Trim Compressor Review

We often use trim compressors to do smaller projects because of their compact size, convenience and mobility. The Porter Cable C1010 1 Gallon 135 PSI Max Quiet Trim Compressor is all of that and more. Overall weight is a very manageable 24 pounds and there is a protective steel roll cage that also doubles as the carry handle, allowing the compressor to be carried in an upright position. Probably the biggest feature of this little compressor is that it is oil-free and quiet. Normally you can’t say both of those words in the same sentence when talking about compressors. Somehow the engineers at Porter-Cable figured out how to make this little guy maintenance-free and you can stand to be in the same room with it when it is running. Our plan was to find out if it really is as good as they say it is.

Porter-Cable PCC520B 18V Close Quarters Drill Review

Porter-Cable PCC520B 18V Close Quarters Drill Review

We’ve certainly had our experiences with attempting to drill in tight spaces. When we saw the new PCC520B 18V Two-Speed Close Quarters Drill from Porter-Cable, the unusual-looking tool struck us as something that made a lot of sense. This is a tool that Porter-Cable needed to add to its line-up, and one that we were excited to finally be testing on the jobsite. The PCC520B bills itself as a truly compact drilling solution, measuring 5.5″ in length and weighing only 2.4 pounds. It’s so short, in fact, that it measures less than a competitor’s 12V Pocket Driver that uses a less flexible hex chuck. Even though the tool looks a bit odd, with its double-stacked chuck-over-motor configuration, it’s actually very well-balanced.