March 7, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: Porter-Cable

Our Porter-Cable tool reviews mostly deal with the newer tools brought to market in the past decade. Porter-Cable tools were well-known as Pro-focused back in the day. Now, however, they take a more value-approach to consumers. Quite honestly, they have a branding issue as consumers seek to understand where they fit against other popular manufacturers. Our most recent Porter-Cable tool reviews include the Porter-Cable 20V Max 18-gauge brad nailer and the Porter-Cable 20V Max 16-gauge finish nailer. We also looked at the Porter-Cable 20V Max brushless drill & impact driver. While we liked these tools, there is a lot of competition in the marketplace. Porter-Cable Tool Reviews with Hands-on Evaluations The Porter-Cable tool reviews below cover just about every new and existing tool made by the company. Porter-Cable is a brand with lots of tools and a decent category of products. From recip saws and circ saws to drills, drivers, flashlights, and vacuums, there’s a lot to choose from.

Porter-Cable Impact Driver

PCE210 Porter-Cable Impact Driver

Tradesmen have a new Porter-Cable Impact Driver to look forward to including in their toolbox. The PCE210 features a 7.5 amp motor with a 1/2 inch chuck that secures attachments with a Hog Ring Anvil. Performance output of the latest Porter-Cable Impact Driver starts with 2200 RPMs. It delivers 240 foot-pounds of torque and up […]

Porter-Cable Recall

Porter-Cable Recall on Routers

Porter-Cable Recall Affects Over 100,000 Router Owners Even with all of the product testing that goes on prior to a tool’s release, there are occasionally issues that come up later on requiring a recall. The latest is a Porter-Cable recall on about 107,000 production level routers. The products in question include four 3-1/4 horsepower fixed […]

DeWalt 8V Max Tools group

DeWalt 8V Max Tools Roundup

I get heavy duty, I really do. There are tools that seem to define a man—or at least his chances at getting a job done on time and with the least amount of effort. So with the new DeWalt 8V Max Tools – which include the DeWalt 8V Screwdriver Conduit Reamer, DeWalt 8V Gyroscopic Screwdriver, DeWalt 8V Flashlight, […]

Porter Cable Kit

Porter-Cable Kit Builds More Than a Ramp

Porter-Cable Kit Makes a Great Father’s Day Gift The new Porter-Cable kit featuring four 20 volt cordless tools was exactly what I needed to fulfill my Step-dad’s Father’s Day wish. Mom told me he was looking for a cordless drill and circular saw. She had the Home Depot and Lowe’s ads up looking for a […]

Porter-Cable Combo Kits

Porter-Cable Combo Kits Now Available!

Porter-Cable has packaged together some of their most useful 20 V Max tools to add some extra value to their already affordable prices. These Porter-Cable combo kits are great options for homeowners that would like to test the cordless waters and for some professional applications. We’ve actually got a project coming up that we’ll feature […]

Porter-Cable PC560 Quik Jig Pocket Hole Joinery System

Porter-Cable PC560 Quik Jig Pocket Hole Joinery System

As a furniture maker, I am always on the lookout for new tools, techniques, and jigs that simplify the construction of strong and long lasting joinery.  With a couple of face frames to build and a table project in the works, this seemed like a great time to try out the new Porter-Cable PC560 Quik […]

porter cable 8v max impact screwdriver cabinet

Porter Cable 8V Max Impact Screwdriver Preview

In a world where we keep seeing the battery pack voltage increase to 20V and beyond, we don’t often hear about some of the smaller cordless tools. Porter-Cable has a solution proving that there is still room for these compact tools in the industry with the introduction of its Porter Cable 8V Max impact screwdriver. Let’s face it, […]

PTIA cordless tools

2013 Pro Tool Innovation Awards – Cordless Tools

Cordless tools have taken on a very competitive nature in the past few years, with new models coming out every single year from various manufacturers across the industry. Each one seems to leap-frog the next in terms of run-time, power and features. But just because a tool is new, doesn’t mean it’s worthy of a […]