Porter-Cable PCC475B 18V ClampSaw Reciprocating Saw

Porter-Cable PCC475B 18V ClampSaw Reciprocating Saw Preview

Last year we did a pretty thorough review of the Porter-Cable PCL120CRC-2 ClampSaw Reciprocating Saw. That is a 12V product that represented a pretty nifty take on the one-handed reciprocating saw market (a market that seems to be pretty popular in the crowds we hang out with). Not content to leave that tool to the 12V market alone, Porter-Cable decided to release a new 18V model of the ClampSaw Reciprocating Saw (model PCC475B) that offers a bit more power and speed. And you can see that Porter-Cable didn’t just alter the handle to accommodate a new battery profile. The tool is larger and beefier. The Porter-Cable PCC475B reciprocating saw offers the same tool-free clamping shoe as the 12V model, which we found to be useful for doing one- or two-handed cuts on pipe, strut, threaded rod, or even the occasional rebar.

Porter-Cable PCC475B 18V ClampSaw Features

When starting and completing cuts in smaller materials such as pipe or strut, a clamping shoe like the one on the PCC475B is immensely useful. It cuts down on material movement, improves accuracy, and protects the surface of the material being cut. The tool-free shoe extends all the way around smaller material and clamps it into place for a fast, accurate, and clean cut. Like the Porter-Cable PCCK510LA 18V oscillating multi-tool, this seems like a great economically-priced tool for making quick cuts on the jobsite. If you need more power, then check out our heavy-duty best reciprocating saw article for a more high-powered choice.

Porter-Cable 12V Clamp Saw

A second innovative feature on the Porter-Cable PCC475B that carries over from the 12V pivoting reciprocating ClampSaw is the three-position pivoting handle. This lets you fold the tool into a 90-degree position, so you can fit the saw into tight spaces. In the 90-degree position, the saw is just over 12” from front to back making it easy to get in between rafters. The angled position is a common setting as it allows a user to easily put pressure on the blade for cutting speed. This position is also an ideal setting for overhead work.  When the user needs to minimize the height of the tool, they can extend the tool to the inline position so that the distance from top to bottom is less than five inches.

Porter-Cable 18V Clamp Saw

The Porter-Cable PCC475B reciprocating saw also features a one-inch stroke length that delivers up to 3,000 strokes per minute (SPM) for aggressive cuts on the jobsite. To further enhance efficiency, the unit features a tool-free blade change that allows fast and effortless blade replacement that helps to eliminate downtime.  The tool also features a slip-resistant over-molded handle and gear housing for comfort. In addition, an LED light illuminates workspaces in dark areas. Weighing just 4.4 pounds, the PCC475B ClampSaw reciprocating saw is a fairly compact and lightweight tool.

The Porter-Cable PCC475B will be available as a bare unit in September 2012 so contractors and tradesmen who already have a set of Porter-Cable tools don’t have to pay for more batteries and a charger they already have. You’ll see the tool for sale at Lowe’s as well as through independent distributors. The Porter-Cable PCC475B clamp saw includes a 6-inch woodworking blade and will retail for approximately $90. The 18V ClampSaw reciprocating saw will come with a three-year limited warranty, a one-year service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee.

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