October 22, 2021

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Metabo OneRate Tool Repair Service

Metabo Sets New Standard for Tool Repair Turnaround

The Metabo OneRate Tool Repair Service promises a 48-hour turnaround and an up-front fixed rate for repair. Metabo designed this new program to help you budget tool repair costs while reducing downtime.

How Does the Metabo OneRate Program Work?

To get started with the process, visit the Metabo Factory Service Center’s website. From there, you can select your tool from an online menu. All current Metabo tools qualify.

Metabo OneRate Tool Servicing

Once you’ve selected your tool, you enter information that includes the purchase date and location as well as a description of the failure. From there, you can print out a shipping label and send the tool off for repair. You can use your own shipping method or take advantage of free UPS shipping to and from the Metabo factory service facility, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Metabo will process the servicing within 48 hours (or less) upon receipt of the shipment. Your tools will be repaired using genuine Metabo parts and serviced by qualified Metabo technicians. Once serviced, Metabo sends the tool directly back to you.

It should be noted that using an alternate shipping method could affect the time by which you receive a repair quote as well as the time it takes for your tool to get serviced. Metabo also reserves the right to deny any tool repair, particularly tools they deem unrepairable.

How Much Does Metabo OneRate Tool Repair Cost?

We love the upfront pricing of the Metabo OneRate Tool Repair program. Each tool—corded or cordless—includes a flat rate for repairs. Here are some examples:

Metabo OneRate Costs for Corded Tools

  • BE75-16 – 600580420 hammer drill – $129
  • CS23-355 – 602335420 chop saw – $129
  • DS175 – 619175420 bench grinder – $109
  • GEP 710 PLUS – 600617420 die grinder – $149
  • H16-500 – 601650420 heat gun – $39
  • KHEV 11-52 BL – 600767620 rotary hammer – $649
  • MAG50 – 600636620 mag drill – $899

Metabo OneRate Costs for Cordless Tools

  • BF18 LTX 90 – 600321850 cordless band file – $249
  • BS 18 LT BL – 602325890 18V drill – $89
  • MBS 18 LTX 2.5 – 613022850 18V band saw – $129
  • MKS 18 LTX 58 – 600771000 cordless circular saw – $149
  • STA18LTX 140 – 601405890 18V jigsaw – $139
  • WPB 36-18 LTX BL 230 – 613102860 36V 9″ grinder – $299
  • SSD 18 LTX 200 BL – 602396860 brushless impact driver – $99

Final Thoughts

From a quick scouring of the site, the repair rate seems to equal about 50% of the retail price of the tool. That seems a bit steep to us, but it does promise a quick turnaround and that certainly carries some value.

Other concerns include some of the fine print. For example, Metabo reserves the right to deny any tool repair—particularly if they estimate it to be beyond reasonable repair or beyond an economical repair. If a tool is estimated unrepairable by Metabo, the tool owner is responsible for shipping charges to return the tool if desired.

At this time, the Metabo OnRate tool repair program is only valid for USA customers and does not include Metabo-HPT products.

For more information about the Metabo OneRate Tool Repair Program, or for other questions for the service center, contact [email protected] Or, call 1-800-Metabo4 and press option 3.

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