October 28, 2021

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Milwaukee Portable 6-Inch Tripod Chain Vise | 48-22-8690

Take Milwaukee’s Chain Vise Anywhere

Chain vices see a lot of use in the field for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical contractors. But, according to Milwaukee, most of the vices we see on the market are difficult to transport, inefficient to deploy, and become unstable as the joints wear down from use. The Milwaukee Portable 6-Inch Tripod Chain Vise, due out in February 2022, offers some solutions for all of these common problems.

Milwaukee Portable Chain Vise: The Big Deal

For this evolution of the chain vise, Milwaukee has come up with a fold-flat design and a centered carry handle that allows for easy, briefcase-style transportation and storage. It requires only two steps to deploy, eliminating the usual cumbersome set-up process.

The Milwaukee Chain Vise features Stable Lok, a system they’ve devised to let you adjust the tension of the deck to maintain steadiness for accurate cut. Milwaukee claims their Stable Lok will last throughout the life of the stand.

The Milwaukee Portable Tripod Chain Vise also features an adjustable leg, which lets you adjust the pitch of the deck by +/- 3º for level alignments on the jobsite.

Additional Features

  • Folds flat for van/job box storage
  • Multi-material vise secures up to 6″ pipe
  • Grounding tab for welding applications
  • Removable foot grips for anchoring
  • Lower shelf available for additional storage (sold separately)
  • SS & PVC coated pipe jaws available (sold separately)

Milwaukee Portable Tripod Chain Vice & Accessories Price

You can expect this Milwaukee Chain Vise to hit retailers in February of next year. It will retail for $459.99.

In addition to the Milwaukee 48-22-8690, the brand plans on releasing a variety of accessories to complement this tool:

  • Lower Shelf (48-22-8695) – $99.99
  • PVC Coated Pipe Jaw (48-22-8696) – $144.99
  • Stainless Steel Pipe Jaw (48-22-8697) – $124.99
  • Standard Jaw (48-22-8698) -$64.99

Milwaukee Portable Chain Vise Specifications

  • Model: Milwaukee 48-22-8690
  • Pipe Capacity: 1/8 in. – 6 in.
  • Stability Adjustment Stable Lok
  • Leveling Adjustment: +/- 3º
  • Transport Profile: Flat, Briefcase-style
  • Storage Height: 49.5 in.
  • Storage Depth: 5.25 in.
  • Price: $459.99

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