Milwaukee Flush Cut SawZall Blades

Milwaukee Flush Cut SawZall Blades

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation expanded their new wood-cutting Sawzall blade offerings. They now have two new Application Specific blades. Each makes several potentially frustrating jobs a whole lot easier.  The Milwaukee Flush Cut SawZall blade promises to solve a huge problem when installing doors and doorways. The Milwaukee Rough-in SawZall blade fills even more critical voids in the market by solving problems encountered in trade-specific applications.

Milwaukee Flush Cut SawZall Blade Features

Milwaukee designed Flush Cut and Rough-in SawZall blades to specifically address the unique frustrations encountered during window and door cut-out applications. When attempting to cut bottom plates from a doorway, traditional blades will bend and break. This occurs when the tip impacts the floor or the teeth dull from rubbing against the concrete.

Milwaukee Flush Cut SawZall Blades

The Milwaukee Flush Cut SawZall blade solves these issues with a unique reinforced shape. It protects the blade from floor impacts. A Floor Guard design also shield the teeth from floor contact.

Additionally, the $17.99 Flush Cut blade features a Double Truss design that guides the blade for straighter window cut-outs.

Milwaukee Rough-in SawZall Blade 

Milwaukee engineered the Rough-In Sawzall Blade for cutting through-holes in nail-embedded wood during plumbing and HVAC rough-ins.  It features a low profile for cutting holes as small as 2-1/8″ in diameter. The optimized 7-3/8″ length lets the blade cut holes through double top plates.

Milwaukee Flush Cut and Rough-in SawZall Blades application

Milwaukee encountered users who wanted more options for creating through-holes. Since traditional blades can warp and break under the stress of cutting a tight radius, the new design easily cuts small diameter holes. It also provides greater control and a higher tolerance for nail impacts. Expect to pay around $15.74 for this specialty reciprocating saw blade.

Final Thoughts

Both blades feature the company’s new Nail Guard and Fang Tip designs that we first previewed at Milwaukee’s 2010 New Tools Event. The Nail Guard tooth design keeps nails out of the gullets and protects against tooth fracture. The Fang Tip design bites into the wood on first contact for faster plunging.

Milwaukee Flush Cut and Rough-in SawZall Blades

These look to be some excellent blades – and we love the innovation coming out of this company in this area. We hope to get our hands on some to test out in our lab as soon as possible.


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