Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1 1/8-Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Gen 2

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1 1/8-Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Gen 2

Milwaukee has an addition to their line of cordless rotary hammers with an upgraded M18 Fuel 1 1/8-inch SDS Plus rotary hammer. Now with One-Key, Milwaukee tells us it’s the fastest drilling and hardest hitting rotary hammer in its class.

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Milwaukee M18 Fuel SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Performance

In terms of performance, expect 3.6 ft-lbs of impact energy, 4600 BPM, and 800 RPM. While the impact energy is up from 3.3 ft-lbs, the top speed and blow rate are slower compared to the 1350 RPM and 5000 BPM on the 2715 model this replaces. 

Gen 1
Gen 2
Top Speed1350 RPM800 RPM
Max Blow Rate5000 BPM4600 BPM
Impact Energy3.3 ft-lbs3.6 ft-lbs
Milwaukee M18 Fuel 1 1/8-Inch SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Gen 2

As we expect, you still get the standard modes for drilling, hammer with rotation, and hammer only, plus a stop to rotate your chisel.

Paired with a 6.0Ah High Output battery, Milwaukee tells us this hammer can drill up to fifty 5/8-inch holes 3 inches deep on a single charge. 

Milwaukee M18 Fuel SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Noteworthy Features

Milwaukee keeps an anti-vibration system as we saw on the previous model and adds Autostop kickback control, stopping the motor when it senses a bit bind-up and the tool begins to spin. 

The unit also comes One-Key equipped, offering access to Milwaukee’s tool tracking, security, and asset management system through the One-Key app on your phone, tablet, or computer. 

One-Key enabled rotary hammer

Like the previous version, there’s a model with a dedicated HammerVac dust extractor, and it gets an upgrade as well. The big deal for this OSHA Table 1-compliant attachment is that it now has an AutoPulse automatic filter cleaning mechanism that kicks on after you let go of the trigger and you can clean it out using a larger dust extractor to minimize your exposure to silica dust. 

As part of the M18 system, the tool is compatible with all of Milwaukee’s M18 batteries, but it’s designed to go with High Output packs to get significantly better performance and that’s reflected in the kit offerings. 

Milwaukee M18 Fuel SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Performance Price

Look for this model to hit retail stores in the winter of 2021. Expect the retail price to run $449 for the bare tool(2915-20), $699 for the kit with two 6.0Ah High Output batteries and a Rapid Charger (2915-22), or $799 if you want to add the updated HammerVac to the kit (2915-22DE). 


  • Model: Milwaukee 2915
  • Power Source: Milwaukee M18 RedLithium battery (optimized for High Output packs)
  • Max Speed: 800 RPM
  • Blow Rate: 4600 BPM
  • Impact Energy: 3.6 ft-lbs
  • Warranty: 5 years

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