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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Leaf Blower 2824

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Leaf Blower

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Leaf Blower Drive Higher Performance And Runtime

Milwaukee got off to a hot start with its battery-powered lawn care system, but the blower has been in need of an upgrade. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Leaf Blower is the response and we’re diving deeper to see if it’s been worth the wait.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Leaf Blower Performance

It’s all about the numbers and the Milwaukee 2824 is a big step up from the previous single-battery design (2724). For airspeed, you’re looking at 145 MPH backed up with up to 600 CFM. At its best, it can produce up to 17.7 Newtons of blowing force.

While that doesn’t challenge the top blowing force numbers we’ve seen, it’s still impressive. Most gas handheld blowers might get you in the 12.0 Newton range, so it’s pushing significantly better than that.

Perhaps more importantly, that’s a level that is capable of moving wet debris far better than Milwaukee’s first efforts.

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Leaf Blower Design

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Leaf Blower

Power Source

The Milwaukee 2824 requires two M18 batteries to operate and High Output batteries offer the best performance. There are no specific recommendations at the moment, but we’ll run some tests when we get our hands on it and see what the best set is to use.

Be sure to use two batteries of the same capacity to get the best results.

Noise Reduction

Based on ANSI B175.2 testing, Milwaukee’s blower only generates 64 decibels. That should keep the neighbors happy, even if you’re working first thing on Saturday morning.

Size and Weight

The blower is just over 34 inches long and weighs 6.0 pounds without batteries. Your operating weight depends on which batteries you decide to use. If you go with a pair of 8.0Ah High Output packs, you’re looking at 10.7 pounds total.

Additional Highlights

  • Full throttle in under 1 second
  • Ambidextrous cruise control
  • Variable speed trigger
  • Onboard fuel gauge that’s visible while working
  • Incudes tapered and flat nozzles
  • Compatible with all M18 batteries

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Dual Battery Leaf Blower Price

Milwaukee 2824

Milwaukee is launching the 2824 as a bare tool only for $299.00. It’s backed with a 3-year warranty.

That’s more than residential models with similar performance. Just keep in mind that Milwaukee designs its OPE primarily for professional crews and longer days than homeowners ask of their blowers.

Milwaukee Battery-Powered Blower Comparison

M18 Fuel 2724M18 Fuel 2824
Power Source1 x M18 Battery2 x M18 Batteries
Airspeed120 MPH145 MPH
Air Volume450 CFM600 CFM
Blowing Force11.2 Newtons17.7 Newtons
Bare Weight4.9 pounds6.0 pounds
Noise Level62 decibels64 decibels
Bare Price$169$299


  • Model: Milwaukee 2824
  • Power Source: 2 x M18 batteries
  • Max Airspeed: 145 MPH
  • Max Air Volume: 600 CFM
  • Blowing Force: 17.7 Newtons
  • Weight: 6.0 lbs bare
  • Price: $299 bare
  • Warranty: 3 years

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