Milwaukee M18 Packout Six Bay Rapid Charger

Milwaukee Six Bay Charger

Charge More Batteries Faster With The Milwaukee M18 Packout Six Bay Rapid Charger

Milwaukee’s Packout storage system has an add-on for just about everything you can think of. Now, with the introduction of the Milwaukee M18 Packout Six Bay Rapid Charger, keeping your M18 batteries juiced up has never been easier. Check out the details and see if this charging station can reduce downtime and keep your team productive.

Milwaukee M18 Packout Six Bay Rapid Charger: The Big Deal

This charger features six total charging ports compatible with all M18 batteries. It simultaneously charges two batteries at a rapid charge rate, one on each side at a time. Once a battery is charged, it automatically moves sequentially to the next available pack on that side.

In total, it takes three hours to charge six M18 RedLithium XC 5.0 battery packs. This rate, according to Milwaukee, is 40% faster than its other standard rate chargers. Milwaukee’s Super Charger is still the go-to for the fastest single pack charge times, but this is a better solution for crews working with a larger number of tools.

Another major draw here that sets this charger apart from the rest is its compatibility with the Packout storage system. Its base attaches to the detents on any Packout box, letting you transport and store all the power you need for a day on the jobsite. It’s a 1/2-size base, so you can fit two of these on the top of your Packout stack if you have the need.

With the Packout mounting plates, you can also mount this charger onto a convenient spot in your garage, workshop, or wherever you need wall-mounted charger access.

Milwaukee Six Bay Charger

Moreover, this charger features RedLink Intelligence, which optimizes the charge rates based on the type of battery and the temperature. This can help minimize charge duration while maximizing the lifespan of your batteries.

Additional Features

  • USB-A port provides charging capabilities for personal devices like phones and tablets
  • Side storage caddies for small personal item storage
  • Cord wrap clip
  • AC power source
  • Carrying handle

Milwaukee M18 Packout Six Bay Rapid Charger Price

This charger hits Milwaukee retailers in October 2022. It sells for $249 as a bare tool and includes a 5-year warranty from Milwaukee.


  • Model: Milwaukee 48-59-1809
  • Length: 15.1 in
  • Width: 9.76 in
  • Height: 12.12 in
  • Weight: 7.91 lbs
  • Cord length: 6 ft
  • Power source: AC electrical outlet
  • Material: Plastic

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