Milwaukee MX Fuel Cordless Threading Machine

MXF512-2XC pipe threading machine

Milwaukee Brings Cordless Power To The Pipe Threading Market

There are several arguments to be made in the corded vs cordless debate, but one of the main talking points is the convenience that cordless tools provide. The Milwaukee Cordless Threading Machine brings a battery-powered update to a specialized tool design and we wanted to dig deeper to see what it brings to the table.

Milwaukee Cordless Threading Machine: The Big Deal

Cordless Threading Machine

The MXF512 is the industry’s first cordless pipe threading machine, eliminating the need to work near an outlet or walk back and forth from your work area to the machine. It sits on a portable spring-assisted wheeled cart so you can take it with you everywhere on the jobsite.

With the PowerState brushless motor, you can deliver up to (140) 3/4-inch cuts and threads per charge for all-day runtime. It has the power to thread up to 2-inch black iron pipe, stainless steel, rigid metal conduit, and more.

For jobs that require threading and grooving, the MXF512 also features a second hammer chuck. This enables the connection of roll grooving attachments without the need for any teardown or additional adapters.

This machine also has an onboard self-contained oil reservoir to keep oil off the ground and prevent workers from having to transport oil through jobsites.

When you’re done threading for the day, this machine’s compact, cordless design lets you store it vertically upright without spilling.

Milwaukee Cordless Threading Machine


  • Model: Milwaukee MXF512
  • Length: 45 inches
  • Width: 28 inches
  • Height: 44 inches
  • Weight: 240 pounds
  • Pipe capacity: 1/8-inch – 2-inch
  • Dual-speed: 36 RPM (low); 57 RPM (high)

Milwaukee Cordless Threading Machine Price

The MXF512 retails for $6,999.99 for the kit, including two RedLithium XC406 battery packs, an MX Fuel charger, one gallon of cutting oil, and two pipe threading die sets. It will be available starting in April 2023 at your favorite Milwaukee retailer. Milwaukee backs your purchase with a 2-year warranty for both the machine and the batteries.

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