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Milwaukee PackOut Cooler and Tumblers

Keep Cool With Milwaukee’s Packout Expansion Tumblers and Cooler

With the addition of four new items, the Milwaukee Packout system now contains over 65 different storage solutions. Should you consider adding these particular Packout additions to your jobsite?

Milwaukee PackOut Cooler and Tumblers – The Big Deal

There are a few new accessories coming to the already extensive Milwaukee Packout lineup. These include two tumbler sizes and a large capacity 40QT cooler. Each item contains full modular connectivity with the Packout system.

The Milwaukee Packout tumblers boast the ability to keep your drinks at temperature throughout your long work hours. Whether you want to enjoy a hot coffee or ice-cold water, Milwaukee tells us these tumblers keep a constant hot or cold temperature all day using their double-wall vacuum insulation. On top of that, all of the components of the tumblers are dishwasher safe, so cleanup should be a breeze. Additionally, the lids are magnetic, which helps you open the tumbler even while you’re wearing gloves. The tumblers come in both 20oz and 30oz sizes.

With durability in mind, the 40QT (40 quart) Milwaukee Packout cooler has an impact-resistant body and an IP65 rating to keep out dirt and debris. It holds ice for up to five days while keeping food and drinks cold. The cooler includes an integrated bottle opener and interior storage tray, as well as a built-in cutting board that acts as a divider for the cooler.

Additional Features


  • Rotating, magnetic lid
  • Easy disassembly
  • Twist-to-lock modularity on base


  • integrated drain plug
  • Elevated storage tray
  • Metal closing clamps
  • Carrying handles


The Milwaukee Packout System tumblers and cooler will be available in summer 2022. The 20oz tumbler is listed at $29.97, while the 30oz version will be $34.97. The cooler will run you $249, with the option to purchase a separate divider for an additional $19.97.

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